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Samsung Mobile DRAM

High-speed, power-saving memory for the next generation of mobile devices

Find out why leading manufacturers utilize Samsung Mobile DRAM for eBooks, tablet computers, smart phones, MP3s, and PDAs. Deliver the features you need to confidently meet market demand for handheld devices with high-performance memory built specifically for the leading edge of mobile device and application design.

Gain exceptional design advantages

Benefits of using Samsung Mobile DRAM in computing, consumer, and communication devices include:

  • Reduced power consumption in standby mode enabled by advanced, on-chip technologies such as temperature-compensated self-refresh (TCSR)
  • Extended battery life in operational mode with power consumption as low as 1.2V
  • High operational speeds that keep pace with today´s fast mobile CPUs and large displays, enabling users to power through demanding applications and multitasking
  • Design flexibility with a choice of thin, small form-factor packages that occupy very little board space

Samsung´s Mobile DRAM enables the four key success factors in mobile device design.

Samsung Semiconductor Mobile DRAM

Realize outstanding power savings

Boost battery life with new generations of Samsung mobile memory:

  • Samsung is introducing the world´s first 30-nm class LPDDR3 for high peak bandwidth and outstanding energy efficiency
  • Samsung´s 20-nm class LPDDR2 is designed to deliver significant power savings compared to the previous-generation LPDDR1 - while heightening performance to bring full, high-definition viewing to virtually any mobile device.
  • Gain additional power savings by moving from a dual-die package to a monolithic chip, keeping the same total density, enabling an overall improvement of up to 70 percent in power efficiency at the component level.

Our LPDDR2 and LPDDR3 are designed to extend the life of a seven-hour battery by about 45 minutes during typical mobile operation. For standby power, the savings are even more dramatic. For example, Samsung´s LPDDR2 or LPDDR3 can add up to three days of standby battery life for a smart phone, which is a 23 percent improvement over LPDDR1 - from 12.5 to 15.4 days.

Take mobile electronics to new heights

Accelerate your time to market with advanced Mobile DRAM from Samsung. Whether you are designing with tight space constraints or need a game-changing combination of low power and high performance, depend on Samsung to deliver leading solutions for an ever-changing market.*

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