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A slimmer, more powerful smart phone.


Today's smartphones are smarter than ever before, and it seems like everyone has one. We are all connected now, wherever we go. This desire for constant contact has driven up the technological requirements of phones, such as better performance, longer battery life and smaller size.


Thanks to advances in Mobile DRAM, Samsung Smart Memory rises to the challenge of not just meeting, but exceeding, all these needs.

Do Even More

Samsung Smart Memory's improved density and bandwidth, coupled with a thinner chip-stacking design, allow smart phones to get even smarter.

One dramatic example of the intelligence behind Samsung's Smart Memory can be found in your smart phone's camera. Many people have replaced their point-and-shoot digital cameras with their phones. There is a very good reason for this switch, as smart phone camera resolution for both still shots and video capture have increased significantly, year after year.

Smartphones are still useful for making calls, but more and more, that is not a feature driving purchase decisions. People want smartphones for texting, surfing the web, watching videos, and navigating via GPS. They want to take pictures, shoot videos, share files, play games and work while on the go. Certainly, people still make phone calls, but more often than not, people are using smartphones like portable computers. The more people want to do with smartphones, the more advanced they need to be.

Smaster Features

Longer Battery Life

Since modern society has started to shift toward becoming a much more mobile society, standby power savings is vital to devices that rely on battery power. When compared to previous generations, Samsung Smart Memory LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM not only lowers its power consumption during normal operation by 15%, it also reduces battery drain by 87% during standby mode.

Poerating Power, Standby Power

Standby power consumption is very important, but it is something most smart phone owners never consider. Even when a smart phone is sleeping, it is actually maintaining the user's "Always-On, Always-Connected" lifestyle by continuing to communicate with email servers, social networking sites, and more. The power saving of Samsung's Smart Memory, combined with increased performance and speed, means your smartphone is ready to go when you are. It will hold a charge longer and start up faster, giving you less to worry about and more to enjoy. Thanks to Samsung Smart Memory, just because you can do more on your smartphone, this does not mean the battery will run out faster.

Thin is in

Due to advances in Samsung Smart Memory, smartphone screens can get larger without the phones themselves getting bigger and heavier. A technique known as POP (Package-On-Package) stacks memory chips more efficiently than in previous generations. This design allows Samsung Smart Memory to pack even more RAM into shorter and shorter spaces. As you can see below, in the not-too-distant past, 512MB of memory required a stack of at least one millimeter in height. Today, however, Samsung Smart Memory is moving toward packing 4GB of memory into a stack that is roughly 25% shorter.

Now that users are able to do more with their smart phones for longer periods of time, the demand for even larger screens has increased. With larger screens, you can more easily enjoy watching 3D video, playing games and multitasking anywhere you want.

The trend in technology has always been for devices to get better while getting smaller. (remember how mobile phones of the 1980s were the size, shape and weight of a brick). Smart phones and other mobile devices are leading this trend today, with ever-shrinking form factors holding ever-increasing technological advances. Samsung Smart Memory continues its forwardthinking to stay ahead of this curve.

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