Always Connected

Access to Social networking sites and Instant Messaging is just a click away!

ㆍSocial Networking sites

Twitter, Facebook

ㆍInstant Messenger

ChatON, Facebook Messenger, Gtalk,
Yahoo! Messenger

Smart and Easy UX

Offering the same user-friendliness as a smartphone interface, the mobile's smooth and responsive touch

ㆍ2x4 main menu

2x4 main menu helps organize your apps for easy quick glance view

ㆍLock screen

By just swiping the lock icon you can easily unlock your screen.

ㆍQuick Panel

Drag the panel down to see the quick panel

ㆍMulti widget

Customize your screen by adding various widgets on each screen page.

Free Preloaded Games

Preloaded with 10 free full games from Gameloft, the latest, most popular games that keep you entertained on the go.

A dedicated page is devoted to your game menu, easier to add, store and arrange your favorite games, and play instantly.

Smart and Easy UX

“Switch easily between both lines, like two phones in one!”

ㆍDual SIM Always On, Always Available

When SIM 1 is engaged, accept incoming calls on SIM 2 so never miss a call

ㆍTwo Numbers, Two Accounts

Keep work and personal life separate,or choose different billing plans according to usage
(calling vs. web, for travel, multiple biz accounts)

* Availability of the Dual SIM model vary by region.


ㆍOpera mini

ㆍShare large files easily within devices by Bluetooth 3.0

ㆍExternal micro SD memory enables you to store more files so they’re always on hand up to 16GB

Music / Radio

Enjoy the latest music, news and talk entertainment through the FM Radio and the music player.

Various Samsung Apps

Download Free apps from the Samsung Apps store

* Availability of apps might vary by region.