GALAXY Tab3 Kids

SAMSUNG GALAXY Tab3 Kids is a specialized tablet made just for the kids and one that parents can trust. Kid's Store covers over 300 apps which are specially designed for children to provide them with a new interactive learning experience. Parents can even set time limits for the tablet’s usage and download appropriate apps for their kids through the Parental Control function.


Enriched Kids Contents

GALAXY Tab3 Kids has preloaded 12 popular apps to facilitate kids’ learning and entertainment, including 3D games, fun English learning, and apps to train and arouse kids' logical thinking skills, general knowledge and creativity. With GALAXY Tab3 Kids, kids can play freely with world-popular and locally-renowned educational apps.


Parental Control

GALAXY Tab3 Kids comes equipped with a Parental Control function giving parents peace of mind even when their kids are left on their own to use the tablet.
Parents can manage the apps they’d like to put on “Kids Mode” and protect their children from inappropriate content. With the Time Manager function added, parents can preset time limits on usage to control their kids’ overuse of the tablet. In addition, parents can switch from Kids Mode to Standard Mode to enjoy normal tablet features. GALAXY Tab3 Kids has been certified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (U.S. CPSC), so your kids can avoid any chemical risks. Also, the free protective cover that comes with the device allows them to freely use the tablet in any way, as it protects against falls and scratches.


Kids' Store

“Kids' Store” has more than 400 kids apps, divided into the three categories of learning, music playing and storytelling. With enriched, safe content designed for them, kids are freely to enjoy high-quality learning and entertainment content. Parents can set a password to ensure their children download safe and appropriate apps.


Kids’ Specialized User Interface

GALAXY Tab3 Kids offers a specialized user interface that is simple and easy for kids to use. Card style applications are big and colorful to grab the child’s attention. Colorful patterned shortcut keys are easy for children to use. “Kids Mode” has been preloaded with 12 ultra-fun educational apps with various animal characters on the interface to offer children endless moments of fun.


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