Community: Better green experience with Samsung

Protecting the global environment continues to be our top priority. By creating greener operations, developing energy-saving solutions and curbing carbon emissions, we’re not only running a more efficient business, but we’re doing our part to help to preserve our planet for generations to come. Our solution is simple; we have created a totally ‘green’ culture for our entire business:

Green management

Samsung recognises that environmental awareness is central to sustainable corporate development. Samsung has an advanced environment, health and safety system designed to cultivate the development of greener products, processes and workplaces and to positively influence local communities.

Samsung only works with suppliers of raw materials and parts that have passed the Eco-Partner Programme. In addition, the Company works together with these companies to reduce the amount of hazardous substances in these raw materials and parts, helping them to set up environmental management systems.

Green products

We have undertaken a series of activities that encompass the entire product lifecycle to improve our products’ environmental performance. In fact, Samsung is an industry leader when it comes to adding new eco-friendly design features and manufacturing processes to our products. From energy-efficient design to user-friendly devices and recycling techniques, Samsung takes responsibility for every step of the journey.

Green processes

Samsung is developing cleaner production technologies by revamping its manufacturing processes and facilities, while converting to alternative resources in a concerted effort to become more sensitive to the environment. Samsung is also striving to minimise the pollutants discharged during manufacturing and to reduce the amount of energy consumed company-wide.

An ongoing effort is underway to make Samsung products as environment friendly as possible without the use of hazardous materials. In addition, we have taken steps to promote eco-friendly supply chain management, operate recycling centres that disposal of end-of-life products more efficiently, and fulfill transparent disclosure requirements for environmental information.

Green workplace

Samsung is totally committed to safe, pollution-free, environmentally aware workplaces. From fire-prevention and health and safety training, to ongoing pollution monitoring and prevention, Samsung does everything in its power to ensure that employees and customers enjoy greener, hazard-free workplaces.