Samsung innovation is bringing people together. Yes, even for business.

Samsung Enterprise Business provides an array of devices and solutions that can be tailored across industries. These enterprise solutions help you move information efficiently and securely, integrate technology with relevant industries for a smarter ecosystem, and facilitate the necessary collaboration of colleagues and partners. Because with Samsung it's not just business. It’s business, innovated.


With Samsung's Education solutions, teachers can stay connected through innovative technologies with advanced peer-to-peer systems using tablets, interactive displays, notebook and printing options. A smarter learning environment allows greater interaction between students and teachers.

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Samsung introduces the New Learning Experience at
Croatia IX Gymnasium High School


With Samsung Retail solutions, brick-and-mortar stores can now engage their customers better. From interactive kiosks and displays to tablets, you can make any place in your store a point of sale.

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The new retail experience


In the highly commoditised hospitality market, differentiating your brand is vital. From ultra-thin screens that create unforgettable reception areas to smartphones that allow weary travelers to avoid check-in lines, Samsung Hospitality solutions can help you create an experience that your guests will love to come back to.

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The new hospitality experience


Heavy regulatory and cost burdens can create challenges when it comes to better patient care. With Samsung Healthcare solutions, relief is on its way. From smartphones that allow doctors to treat patients on the move, to high-resolution displays that provide greater clarity for diagnoses, healthcare professionals can efficiently utilise their precious time.

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The new healthcare experience


Mobility has empowered customers to get anytime, anywhere service. Samsung Finance solutions, help you to engage with your customers and service them efficiently by creating an interactive environment. These specialised solutions comply with legal and confidentiality issues, thereby helping your business perform.

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The new finance experience


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