Samsung India: Research & Development

Samsung’s emphasis on Innovation and Research & Development is essential to its business. In order to inculcate a culture of global as well as local innovation, Samsung has a number of R&D centres strategically spread across the globe. India is amongst the hotspots of Samsung's innovation strategy. As a result of that, there are as many as three R&D Centres in India: Samsung Research Institutes in Bangalore, Delhi, and Noida.

These three R&D Centres work on cutting edge technologies across almost all areas of Samsung's business, both for global as well as for local markets. Together, the three Centres employ more than 10,000 R&D personnel in India, making it one the largest pools of R&D talent in the world for a country.

While Samsung Research Institute-Delhi develops emerging solutions for high-end televisions and digital media products, SRI-Noida is focused on Smartphone development. SRI-Bangalore is the Centre of Excellence in Mobile Terminal & Infrastructure, Multimedia, SoC, Server Development contributing towards Smartphone, Semiconductors & Digital Printing Solutions business.

Samsung R&D Bangalore (SRI-B) is the largest Overseas R&D Centre of Samsung Electronics. Founded in 1996, SRI-B has grown to be a significant contributor to the cutting edge products and services of Samsung. With over 5,000 of India's best talent, SRI-B is a key player in the breakthrough innovation and success story of Samsung Electronics. Our engineers conceptualize and commercialize novel features, designs, products and services that differentiate Samsung as a market leader and deliver world-class products.

Samsung India additionally carries out R&D for product hardware at a second Noida R&D Centre. SRI-Noida is majorly involved in the mobile commercialization for almost all regions. SRI-Noida is leveraging best synergy efforts as R&D, Official QA, Internal Testing & Design team work under the same roof. SRI-Noida has the full ownership of Feature Phones and has become one of the major centres of OS Upgrade Development. The Division has successfully developed and contributed in major models including Samsung’s Note, S and Galaxy series smartphones and had delivered Android Kitkat OS upgrade for many major models all over the world and has already been working on Android Lollipop OS upgrade.