Social Contribution

Apart from developing innovative technology products, Samsung places great importance on acting as a responsible corporate citizen in the communities where it operates. Its CSR programs respond to the social and environmental needs and seek to give back to communities where it operates. In 2009, Samsung launched the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative – ‘Samsung Hope Project’ with projects in the areas of education, culture, sports, social welfare and community development. Each program under the Hope Project uniquely addresses the needs of individual communities while emphasising on innovations for development of the community including education, technology, engineering and IT technical training.

Notable local programs include:

Samsung Hope for Children
an initiative designed to help under-privileged children through e-learning centres. These e learning centres located in different parts of the country impart computer literacy to underprivileged youth and ensure placements as well.

Innovations for development of the community
a partnership between Samsung and various educational and media agencies to support grassroots innovations. Samsung has instituted two programs: Samsung Innovation Award with IIT, Delhi and Samsung Innovation Quotient which recognises India’s best grassroot innovators from across the country

Hope for Culture
represents Samsung’s tribute to the rich Indian cultural heritage through Tagore Literature Awards that recognises the best literary contributions in 24 Indian regional languages. Samsung is partnering with the Sahitya Akademi for the Tagore Literature Awards. Additionally, Samsung partners with INKO to present the Samsung Women’s International Film Festival that gives voice and expression to the perspective of women and celebrates her spirit through the medium of Cinema.

Sports Sponsorship
is an ongoing initiative wherein Samsung supports top ranking athletes across individual sports disciplines with their training expenses while they prepare for the Asian or the Olympic Games. Samsung is also the Sponsor of the Indian team to the forthcoming London Olympics.