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Bigger and Better in Capacity

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A Major Facelift To a City

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Samsung System Air Conditioning introduction

System air conditioner product

Come Home to a Fresher Environment

Samsung's Air Conditioners will leave you feeling fresh and clean. With a variety of different air conditioning systems to choose from for different spaces, these outdoor units make sure they save energy as they go along. You can't go wrong with a Samsung Air Conditioner.

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Bigger and better in capacity

This video demonstrates the features of the Samsung DVM Plus IV air conditioner which has the world's largest capacity, has smart space saving, top class energy efficiency, and is easy to control. It also features the longest piping length

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A major facelift to a city

This video demonstrates how the face of Hungary changed with the renovation of one its biggest central buildings, a world heritage site, with thousands of people walking on its promenade. Samsung won the bid and was chosen above many Japanese competitors. The video also features interviews by the President of Samsung, Hungary and lead engineers who were a part of the project.

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Samsung System Air Conditioning introduction

An overview of our System Air Conditioner solutions, demonstrated at the CIO B2B customer event at Victoria House, London, July 2013.

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