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Danem NEGOS is a mobile solution that is designed to streamline the work processes of sales professionals and optimise the work environment according to diverse business styles and preferences. This Sales Force Automation (SFA) software helps reduce the time and cost involved in creating and receiving a purchase order through electronic order forms and product catalogues. In addition, companies can conveniently analyse retail and marketing activities by promptly collecting customer information that is updated to databases directly by personnel.
Manage Orders and Sales Content Easily
Manage Orders and Sales Content Easily
This solution allows companies to save and access sales content, such as digital catalogues and product photographs, as well as order records and inventories that need to be checked. Furthermore, it provides sales professionals with the ability to receive online orders and issue electronic invoices, cutting out inefficient and time-consuming processes. Users can manage and update customer data, for example VIP listings, and monitor activity via the convenient and intuitive sales analytic dashboard.
• Establishes a paperless eco-friendly work process.
• Reduces back orders by scheduling available inventory appropriately and identifying the overall stock levels accurately.
• Cuts down overdue invoices by improving sales management.
• Enhances productivity by reducing the time and cost taken to create purchase orders and issue invoices.
• Speeds up delivery times through rapid order processing and increases customer satisfaction with an improved level of service.
• Facilitates communication with customers through advanced devices and work methods, building trust in services and sales personnel.