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The Obigo SNS Groupware solution facilitates better communications within organisations by allowing real-time information sharing in a range of business scenarios. It also supports the management of social networking sites (SNS), instant messaging, mobile office and groupware, making it a compact and convenient tool for professionals on the move. Policy managers can add various functions and extend location-based services with statistics provided by relevant staff members, customising it to suit specific company needs and situations.
Efficient Mobile Business Networking
Efficient Mobile Business Networking
This solution offers mobile office and groupware services that enable professionals working remotely to boost efficiency and productivity. SNS Groupware manages different transmission levels of 'push' messages according to rule-based policies, and generates statistical and ranking information based on administrative authorities. Furthermore, it provides a social hub integrating diverse data, such as the latest news and media updates, as well as the option to comment and interact online with the content.
• Allows users convenient mobile access to business systems anytime, anywhere through mobile devices.
• Facilitates communication within the organisation.
• Improves customer service skills in a proactive manner.