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The mobile solution for the medical and healthcare industry enables professionals to increase efficiency and improve service quality. Innovative mobile technology enables you to deliver personalised, patient-centred medical services as well as reducing costs. Designed to support the care management process, SAP Electronic Medical Record provides you with all the information you need to care for your patients, no matter where you are.
User-Friendly Solution for Medics
User-Friendly Solution for Medics
Keep your medical notes well-organised with the SAP Electronic Medical Record. It allows you to view patient data, including demographics and vital signs, in a clear and simple format. Key information is displayed graphically, ensuring that you have easy access to the most important data. The solution gives you full access to a patient's lab results, enabling you to see abnormal values straight away. With the ability to check the status of orders, mistakes are less likely. In addition, access to image archiving and communications systems (PACS) is provided using standard interfaces, so no time is wasted learning new systems.
• The SAP Electronic Medical Record helps healthcare professionals to make more well-informed decisions as to the best way of providing care
• It offers the ability to collaborate with colleagues wherever you are to improve clinical outcomes without compromising patients' privacy and data security
• Accurate information is critical in medical care, so the up-to-date vital parameters, progress notes and diagnoses ensure that the best decisions are made
• The communication features enable you to collaborate better with patients and other professionals in your field
• Using all these tools means you can ensure reduced waiting times and contribute to a better overall healthcare experience