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Obigo Enterprise Community provides basic enterprise community management features such as bulletin, alerting and location-based services, as well as advertisements, settlements and calendars. It is also possible to use the solution to keep in touch with users and customers by creating surveys and voting systems. It helps companies interact with diverse communities as it is compatible with various social networking sites (SNS), and it can also handle micropayments through its intuitive and integrated management approach.
Convenient Community Management Services
Convenient Community Management Services
Developed with the latest software-writing technology, the Obigo Enterprise Community solution has a dynamic, appealing menu which is extremely user friendly. It has a range of convenient features, including the ability to create, manage and modify bulletins, as well as calendar, voting and survey functions to support various community activities. The solution allows for the creation of advertisements in a simple and effective manner, and enables the establishment of convenient online payment systems. In addition, it can be easily integrated with location-based maps.
• Eliminates the need to develop additional applications in the event of site expansion.
• Provides diverse content to meet a wide range of community demands.
• Can be applied flexibly across various industries and sectors.