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Obigo Webby is a home screen launcher that has been developed with innovative HTML5 technology. All user interface (UI) components of Webby are written with a variety of cutting-edge programmes to be as intuitive and functional as possible. This solution allows professionals to customise and set a variety of applications and themes, including screen advertisements, corporate images and personalised service widgets. Webby connects people to various sites and resources on the web, and can be adapted to great effect for a variety of business settings.
Manage Web Applications Conveniently and Creatively
Manage Web Applications Conveniently and Creatively
The innovative Webby solution allows business users to manage multiple web applications on a single home screen. It is possible to add and delete them via a multiple-page function, customising it to adapt to changing professional needs. It supports various layouts, which can be saved without modifying screen environments, letting users change themes through dynamic content updates. Additional flexibility comes with the ability to handle application usage, frequency, installation status and security through convenient Mobile Application Management (MAM) technology.
• Provides integrated services in a single-user environment.
• Creates an individual portal with important information and promotional offers.
• Allows users to create a home screen that can maximise brand recognition and impact.
• Automates convenient online updates.
• Can work as a platform for advertising exposure with the lock screen feature.
• Offers professionals feedback on performance and management through the MAM system.