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Handyamo Presentation provides a customisable solution that is in line with corporate strategy and demand. GALAXY Tab devices can be rented, and optional security packages are available to control data confidentiality for public use. It can also serve as a marketing tool that is suitable in various areas such as hospitality, exhibitions, healthcare, retail and rental industries by offering a broad variety of content including applications, widgets, music, videos and images.
Business Marketing Solutions Made Easy
Business Marketing Solutions Made Easy
This solution supports GALAXY Tabs of different models and sizes so it can easily be integrated into existing IT infrastructures. Innovative features enable users to add corporate marketing material, uploading diverse content such as business applications, widgets, backgrounds and images. This simple marketing tool enables the rental and management of GALAXY Tabs by different clients including corporate events, fairs, hotels or retail outlets. Devices can be locked to efficiently maintain data security, protecting access with fingerprint recognition technology and an anti-theft screen, all with one click of a button.
Enhances marketing efficiency with the use of visual content. Allows immediate use of optimised content from various locations. Reduces administrative costs of businesses by offering rental and management operations. Ensures security and privacy via easy deletion of personal information. Enhanced interaction between professionals and their customers. Provides cash optimisation, delivery options and easy installation, as well as service assistance.