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The In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) Solution provides passengers with a range of media options direct to GALAXY Tabs. It is available for a variety of different sizes and models, making it a flexible programme, whatever the mobile device in question. Users can enjoy high-quality multimedia content such as movies, music, games and TV shows, via lightweight, comfortable mobile tablets that are equipped with the innovative IFE software. Easy to install and compatible with existing aircraft infrastructures, this economical solution is an essential entertainment package for airlines to provide to their customers.
Customisable High-Definition Multimedia Content
Customisable High-Definition Multimedia Content
Passengers are able to access a broad variety of multimedia entertainment and applications via their portable device, benefiting from a fully customised user interface specific to the airline in question. This allows providers to adapt the latest films, music, e-books and games on offer to suit their customer demographic. High-definition content can be placed at passengers' fingertips, with software staying protected thanks to a security lock. In addition, the solution brings users enhanced convenience by letting them browse the catalogue while continuing to watch a film or video.
• Users can enjoy progressive entertainment content on a high-tech mobile device in whichever position they wish, letting long-haul passengers relax in a stress-free manner.
• The wireless system results in a lighter aircraft, reducing costs while increasing convenience.
• This solution can be quickly and easily implemented into existing aircraft designs. Subsequent maintenance is also achieved without dismantling the aircraft infrastructure.