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Business users can organise online meetings anywhere from their Samsung Android smartphones or tablets with the Adobe Connect Mobile application. It is possible to take control of who participates in conferences, selecting different voice, video and collaboration tools, all from a single mobile device. This solution's flexible operation helps to improve efficiency, allowing members to concentrate fully on what is being discussed. Video-conferencing via the device's camera brings online sessions to life, enabling the host to keep track of who is in attendance. This easy, convenient application guarantees mobility and security through its easy deployment and management systems.
Take Control Of Mobile Meetings
Take Control Of Mobile Meetings
The Adobe Connect Mobile application lets users take advantage of full meeting management features from their mobile device. Professionals can launch online conferences, controlling who enters, as well as granting and withdrawing users' access to voice, video and collaboration tools. Hosts can also manage content sharing from their mobile device, ensuring that everything needed for that particular session is visible to participants. The solution guarantees mobility and security without compromising the stability of the business environment. This enables organisations to increase productivity and reduce the travel time and costs associated with meetings.
• Provides integrated security using easy policy deployment and management system.
• Guarantees both mobility and security while promising stable business environment.
• Unburdens administrator’s duties and offers more flexible operation way with user-friendly administrative Web page and support for tablet PCs.