Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver is an easy-to-install software package that enables your business to access crucial information securely from a virtual office. Data, applications and desktops are available from a range of computing devices, including smartphones, tablets and PCs. Working in tandem with a Citrix-enabled IT infrastructure, the solution provides consistent, secure and high-performance access from multiple devices across any network. This allows businesses to maintain visibility and control of corporate information without introducing complex layers of IT management. Citrix Receiver creates a more dynamic and flexible workforce.


∙ Keep data and apps secure on any platform or device. ∙ Maintain complete visibility and control with corporate information secure from the data center to the device. ∙ Cost effectively manage and support an increasingly heterogeneous IT environment. ∙ More dynamic and agile workforce. ∙ Consistent user experience across any device. ∙ Consistent access to data, apps and desktops across any network, any device.
Secure, Consistent Access to Corporate Information

Secure, Consistent Access to Corporate Information

Keep your business secure on the move, maintaining complete visibility and control of corporate information. Transferred from the data centre to the mobile, applications and other material are safe on any platform or device while providing consistent access to professionals. Citrix Receiver facilitates cost-effective management and support of an increasingly heterogeneous IT environment. This is enabled via secured self-service access to Windows™, web and SaaS applications. The software is easy to install on multiple Samsung devices, maximising their unique capabilities and providing a consistent user experience across any smartphone or tablet.

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Samsung Mobile Security

Samsung has become a leader in the mobile security market through strong partnerships with vendors and advanced development of technology. Samsung’s GALAXY devices, which are designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity, along with Samsung’s security criteria ensure that mobile workforce is protected to the greatest possible degree.

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Successfully Embracing Business Mobility
White Paper

Successfully Embracing Business Mobility

Security issues surrounding the deployment and use of mobile devices for professionals is a major concern in the ever-evolving business world. We are providing leading solutions to make secure and successful mobile business operations a reality.

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