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Wyse PocketCloud enables users to access files and applications on any desktop or business server from their Samsung smartphone or tablet. Simple to install and configure, its intuitive interface is specifically designed to function effectively with smaller mobile devices. This makes working on the move comfortable as well as efficient. Thanks to its enterprise-grade security and RDP/VNC compatibility, sensitive information has never been safer and more secure. The PocketCloud's powerful features and performance are up to 50 per cent faster over 3G and 4G than other remote desktop solutions, making mobile business more productive than ever.
User-friendly and Secure Mobile Solution
User-friendly and Secure Mobile Solution
Optimised for phones and tablets, but specifically designed for smaller displays, the PocketCloud's intuitive features make it extremely easy to use. Set-up is quick and straightforward with a Gmail account, and does not require any extra configuration, saving business users time and effort. Security features such as SSL and FIPS encryption, along with RSA two-factor authentication, mean that sensitive files can be accessed or transferred without compromising confidentiality. Full multitasking support makes the PocketCloud up to 50 per cent faster over 3G and 4G than other remote desktop protocols. This fast, safe solution boosts productivity whilst remaining simple to use.
• Minimal setup and configuration
• Up to 50% faster over 3G/4G than RDP 5.2.
• SSL & FIPS encryption, RSA2 Factor Authentication (VMWare certified)
• Access sensitive files with enterprise-grade performance / security
• Intuitive interface designed for smaller screens
• Multiple connections in Pro version