RH80H8130WZ FSR with All Round Cooling 868 L


RH80H8130WZ FSR with All Round Cooling 868 L ShowCase InnerCase Metal Cooling All-around Cooling 0 5 0 reviews
  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 6 Showcase Door Bins

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RH80H8130WZ FSR with All Round Cooling 868 L

MRP ₹ 1 51 500.00*


  • A “fridge within a fridge” design optimises the use of space and provides faster access to all the food your family needs
  • The family-friendly ShowCase provides clearly defined zones for frequently used foods, while large and longer-lasting items can be kept fresher in the InnerCase

Digital Inverter Technology

Best Refrigerator with Digital Inverter
Digital Inverter Compressor and 10 Year Warranty
Unlike conventional compressors, which just start and stop, Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor has 7 adjustable speeds to suit different cooling demands. So it works smoothly, reduces wear and tear for greater durability, and minimises noise. Plus you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with lower electric bills and a 10-year warranty.

10 Year Warranty

Refrigerators with 10 year Warranty
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a 10-year warranty on the compressor of Samsung refrigerator powered with Digital Inverter Technology.


Refrigerators with 6 cases & 3 zones
The food you love at your fingertips
The ShowCase is a “fridge within a fridge” for quick and easy access to all of your family’s favourite and frequently used foods. It has 6 generous cases for specific foods and 3 zones for different family members.


Latest Refrigerator in India
Keep perfectly fresh
The InnerCase keeps your groceries perfectly fresh. Located deeper within the fridge, it’s the perfect place to store and preserve larger and less perishable items, such as vegetables, fruits and meats.

All Round Cooling

Latest fridge in India
The All-around Cooling system cools the fridge evenly from corner to corner. Cold air is blown out through multiple outlets at every shelf level, so it maintains a constant temperature and food stays fresher

Deodorizing Filter

Fridge that keeps air fresh
With the Deodorizing Filter*, there is no need for alternative odor fighting solutions. This built-in natural fiber filter is made of activated carbon, which efficiently eliminates bad smells in the fridge. Air is kept fresh, preserving the flavor of your food longer.

Twist Ice Maker

Latest Fridge with fast ice making
Samsung Twist Ice Maker is easy to use. Simple twist is all you need to dispense ice cubes. Also Comparatively less freezer area means fast ice making, which means you can have more ice cubes in short time of period.

Top LED light

Refrigerator with energy saving
Energy-saving, stylish LED lighting for freezer and fridge.
Fridge and freezer compartments will like LED’s clean, bright shine illuminating everything in your fridge or freezer. They will also appreciate how LED lighting emits 10 times less heat than regular light bulbs, leaving food unaffected by temperature swings. What you will like is LED’s power-saving, eco-technology that consumes 20 times less power than conventional light bulbs while lasting 2 times as long, saving you some money at the end of the month.

6 Showcase Door Bins

Refrigerators for big families
The food you love at your fingertips
The ShowCase is a “fridge within a fridge” for quick and easy access to all of your family’s favourite and frequently used foods. It has 6 generous cases for specific foods and 3 zones for different family members

Easy Slide Shelf

Big Fridge in India
Reaching into a refrigerator often means navigating an obstacle course of food items. But the Easy Slide shelf is built on rolling hinges and pulls out, so you can efficiently organise and easily access your food items – and easily see exactly what you have stored in the back.

Door Alarm

Refrigerator with alarm
Now even if you forget to shut your refrigerator door the refrigerator is smart enough to alert you with its Fridge Door Alarm. So, you don’t have to incur extra electricity costs and there’s no risk of food getting spoilt.

Ice Blue LED Display

Information and control at your fingertips
Know what’s happening inside your refrigerator without ever opening the door. The external LED display, with its pleasing blue glow, shows the inside temperatures for both sides of the Refrigerator.

Power Cool

Quickly chill food for optimal freshness after a trip to the market with the Power Cool feature on this Samsung refrigerator. At the touch of a button, cold air is blown into the refrigerator to temporarily reduce the inside temperature to 1°C. With its almost instant chill, food will stay fresh longer while beverages will be quickly cooled for drinking.

*Result basis on Samsung internal lab test conditions. Individual results may vary.

Power Freeze

Now never run out of ice cubes. With the Power Freeze feature on this Samsung refrigerator, you will have ice cubes anytime with just the push of a button . So it's a convenient way to reduce the waiting time when you need real quick ice.

*Result basis on Samsung internal lab test conditions. Individual results may vary.

tech specs

Dimension of RH80H8130WZ/TL


  • Net for Freezer(Liter)


  • Net Total(Liter)


  • Gross for Fridge(Liter)


  • Gross Total(Liter)


  • Net for Fridge(Liter)


Cooling Feature

  • Multi Flow


  • No Frost


  • Cooling Type

    All around cooling


Exterior Feature

  • Color

    Pearl White (WZ)

  • Display & Control (Fridge and Freezer)

    Ice Blue LED Display (Vertical)

  • Door Handle

    FSR Handle

  • Door Type


Freezer Feature

  • Icemaker

    Twist Ice Maker

  • Interior LED Light

    Top LED

  • Number of Door Pocket


  • Number of Shelf (Total)


  • Number of Door Drawer


General Feature

  • Refrigerant


  • Door Alarm


  • Cyclopentane Insulation


  • Compressor

    Inverter Compressor

  • Deodorizer Type

    Deodorizing Filter


  • Free Standing


Physical specification

  • Net Case Height with Hinge(mm)


  • Net Case Height without Hinge(mm)


  • Net Depth with Door Handle(mm)


  • Net Depth without Door Handle(mm)


  • Net Depth without Door(mm)


  • Net Weight(kg)


  • Net Width(mm)


  • Packing Depth(mm)


  • Packing Height(mm)


  • Packing Weight(kg)


  • Packing Width(mm)


Refrigerator Feature

  • Interior LED Light

    Top LED

  • Number of Door Pocket


  • Number of Shelf (Total)


  • Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer



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