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Convection Microwave Oven

If you’re looking to buy a convection microwave with utmost conviction then there’s only one name, which is cut above the rest, it’s Samsung. The new range of convection microwaves from Samsung offers innovative technologies, which make other convection microwaves seem conventional. Get ready for a line-up of incredible features and functions with Samsung convection microwaves:

Trio Convection System – Get the triple advantage of Samsung with the Trio Heating System. Get not one, two but three efficient sources of heating (Ceramic Heater, Quartz Heater and Sheath Heater) which keep your food warm and fresh from the outside and at the same time tender and juicy from the inside. Samsung simply redefine the concept of convection microwaves.

One touch recipe – The tastiest recipes are just one touch away. With Samsung convection microwaves get your favorite recipes with the one touch recipe button. So, whether you’re a Tandoori lover or the continental foodie, all it takes to prepare your favorite meals is just the single click of a button.

Triple Distribution System – Standard convection microwaves are not equipped to cook the food uniformly. Thankfully Samsung microwaves pose no such problems with the unique Triple Distribution System. This technology ensures uniform cooking of your food and makes sure every part of the food is evenly heated.

Rapid Defrost System - Defrost food from frozen to a fresh state in just a few seconds with the ultra-fast Rapid Defrost System from Samsung. Unlike standard convection microwaves, which take several minutes to defrost standard frozen food, Samsung convection microwaves makes your frozen food ready-to-cook in just an instant.

Steam Clean – Cleaning a microwave was never so easy that too with just plain water. Samsung convection microwaves are equipped with Steam Clean System, which removes bacteria and food leftovers with just a tap on the Steam Clean button. The potent steam kills bacteria instantly and wipes away the tough food residue easily. This is only possible with a Samsung.

Ceramic Enamel – Samsung convection microwaves contain unique ceramic enamel interiors, which give a rich feel to the insides of the convection microwave. Plus it helps to clean grease and oil easily with just s single dab of a cloth, thanks to the smooth and non-greasy finish of this unique convection microwave.

Apart from these path-breaking technologies, Samsung Convection microwaves come in a sleek and urbane design, which gives a refined look to your kitchen. With captivating colours to choose from, convection microwaves have never looked so much fun and stylish. So, start cooking your favorite dish with the all-new Samsung convection microwave and redefine cooking. 

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