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The Samsung Smart Inspector is a mobile industry solution that helps both consumers and utilities companies work more efficiently by simplifying and speeding up the process of meter reading. It ensures the real-time collection of high-accuracy data, transferring key information instantly back from the site to the central server to maximise time-efficiency. This convenient solution has a range of features which allow your staff to work more flexibly than ever to increase customer satisfaction.
Increased Meter Reading Efficiency
Increased Meter Reading Efficiency
This solution helps you by providing key customer information and routes to ensure that they arrive on site punctually. They are provided with lists of meter reading targets that are displayed in order of distance, allowing operators to proceed to the next job swiftly and efficiently. With this solution, invoice sums can be estimated instantly using the simplified bill calculation function. In addition, site information can be recorded thanks to a feature which allows photographs and memos to be attached and transferred to the central server.
Multiple Functions for a Better Service
Multiple Functions for a Better Service
The Samsung Smart Inspector solution provides the operator with customer information and routes to ensure quick and efficient meter reading. The meter reading list is uploaded onto the server and organised to reflect the order of appointments based on site location. You can then check the meter reading, download the key information and return it to the server with any relevant photographs or memos attached. The data is stored on the server where you can analyse it in real time, making instant estimated bill calculations that are accurate and convenient.
• This simplified solution provides you with optimised routes between readings to help you increase the speed of your operations
• The Samsung Smart Inspector improves customer satisfaction with your service by making it more efficient
• Frequently-used buttons are highlighted to fast-track the process yet further
• The error-proof system lets you upload reliable, real-time information such as photographs and memos, prioritising the accurate reading, storing and analysis of meter data
• Data is then logged to make follow-up visits even easier to manage
• The amount chargeable to the customer can be estimated at the site using the straightforward bill calculation function