Are you looking for a 3D monitor that lets you enjoy ample content types—from movies to games, to content you create using your 3D camera or 3D webcam? Samsung’s 2011 line of 3D monitors and HDTV/monitors not only delivers superb picture quality, they also let you view and interact with a wide variety of 3D content.

Watch and Experience with 3D

Samsung’s 750 and 950 Series monitors and HDTV/monitors let you enjoy a wide variety of content in 3D, from 3D gaming to 3D movies, 3D internet content, 3D photos, and 3D broadcast channels. You can watch 2D content on all of the 3D monitors, and many of them have real-time 2D to 3D conversion so you can watch 2D content in 3D. Samsung’s 750 and 950 3D monitor models are versatile as they allow users to watch movies and play games.

Advanced 2D Experience

You can easily view all 2D content on a Samsung 3D monitor and experience stunning picture quality and colour vibrancy with minimal glare. All Samsung 3D monitors have a combination of LED-backlight, 100% RGB coverage and Samsung’s proprietary Ultra Clear Panel. This technology has been designed to absorb the available light in a room whether it’s from natural or mechanical sources, and minimises reflections so colours appear vibrant, deep blacks and enhanced contrasting.

Optimised for Ease of Use

Samsung's 3D monitor has features to make it so easy to use. When the monitor is switched onto the power saving mode, it uses a low amount of watts. The Eco Motion Sensor alerts the monitor when you sit down and when you walk away, automatically powering it on and off. The Eco Light Sensor automatically adjusts the monitor’s brightness to match the ambient lighting in a room. If the room is sunny, the picture shines brightly and in dark surroundings, the intensity is reduced which may help minimise eye strain.

Also, on 950 HDTV/Monitors, it’s easy to share content with other Samsung devices using our proprietary DNLA technology AllShareTM.*

Solution in a Box

Samsung’s 750 and 950 Series Monitors offer a complete 3D solution in the box, including a pair of 3D glasses, built-in sync emitter, and middleware.

The Samsung 750 and 950 Series 3D Monitors are available in 23 and 27 inches. For 3D monitors, look for the following model codes: , S23A750D, S27A750D, S23A950D and S27A950D and for HDTV/Monitors look for the T27A950.

* Samsung takes copyright seriously. Samsung’s AllshareTM feature is intended only for private and domestic use by a person. Any other use of Samsung’s AllshareTM feature may be contrary to the law, including copyright law. Samsung does not authorise, sanction, approve or countenance any use of its AllshareTM feature that infringes copyright or is otherwise contrary to law.