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      • Gear up for massive data flow

        Application ServerGear up for massive data flow.

        Prepare for the trend of dramatically increasing data with enhanced performance and efficiency.

      Complex application implementation means
      an increasing need to meet demanding workloads.

      Samsung has now made it easier to efficiently manage diverse and dynamic workloads using various applications.
      Our revolutionary technology empowers servers to transcend performance demands at lower operating costs.
      Rethink performance enhancement.

      In a world where enterprise IT infrastructure handles major aspects of daily business, speed and capacity have never been more critical to application servers. Samsung offers a far more effective way to enhance performance than the conventional approach of upgrading CPUs.

      Sever DRAM

      Samsung server DRAM takes the performance to an unprecedented level with the high bandwidth of 2xnm DDR4. Our high density TSV RDIMM also helps achieve cost-efficient performance improvement.

      Enterprise SSD

      Our enterprise SSD proudly presents an exceptional speed and capacity to boost the performance of your data center to a new level at optimum ownership costs.
      Tackle energy concerns with Samsung.

      Ever-growing data traffic means servers consume excessive amounts of energy. Samsung understands the burden of poor energy efficiency and offers a revolution in energy efficiency to reduce operating costs.

      Sever DRAM

      Samsung’s cutting-edge 2xnm DDR4 component has increased power-efficiency by 26% compared to DDR3 and DDR4 TSV RDIMM consumes 28% less power than DDR4 LRDIMM.

      Enterprise SSD

      Samsung SATA SSD has dramatically increased energy performance compared to conventional HDD by 267 times.
      Our PCIe NVMe, with its lower-power PCB, controller, and NAND design, is generally 2.5 times more energy efficient than SATA.

      [Test Condition]
      HDD : 15K RPM, R/W 350 IOPS, 7.4 Watt
      SSD : 20nm 64Gb, R/W 43,000 IOPS, 3.4 Watt

      Unlocking the potential of virtualization.

      Maximize the potential of virtualization with Samsung's powerful memory solution.

      Sever DRAM

      The server DRAM offers ample memory capacity and higher bandwidth that are optimized for OS installation and multi-core settings in the virtualized environment.

      Enterprise SSD

      Samsung SSD provides high density and excellent random IOPS, to meet the demands of virtualization.
      Achieve upfront reliability.

      Our products are designed to relieve you from worries of server failure and protect you from security breaches by providing many reliability features.

      Sever DRAM

      Samsung DDR4 provides enhanced RAS(Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) features to deliver high data reliability and signal integrity that are necessary for enterprise applications.

      Enterprise SSD

      Samsung V-NAND SSD is ready to ensure security and sustained performance through features like Dynamic Thermal Throttling (DTT), Power Loss Protection (PLP), Self-Encrypting Drive (SEC) and Error-Correcting Code (ECC).

      Solution Brief for Application Server

      Prepare for the trend of dramatically increasing data with enhanced performance and efficiency.

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      Enterprise SSD

      Enterprise SSD

      Unrivaled performance for enterprise storage solution.

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      Server DRAM

      Server DRAM

      Leading the server to excel beyond expectations.

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