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    About Samsung FoundryYour total foundry solution.

    Discover a full range of foundry solutions, from advanced process technology to a proven IP and design ecosystem, with customer support every step of the way.

A Full Scale of Foundry Solution Provider.

Samsung started its Foundry business in 2005 to provide its leading edge technology to the broader market. And through several successful collaboration with Foundry customers, and continued driven to develop the most cutting edge technologies, Samsung has become one of the major player in Foundry market. Based on accumulated technology leadership, Samsung Foundry has successfully developed foundry industry’s 1st 32nm HKMG process in 2010 and started first 14nm FinFET product’s mass production.
Since first introducing its foundry business, Samsung has invested billions of dollars in capacity expansion and R&D, providing a world-class infrastructure to its customers. From Samsung Foundry, customers can expect a complete, reliable path to product development and production.
Benefit from Samsung's optimized foundry solutions
Benefit from Samsung's optimized foundry solutions.
Samsung Foundry offers deep expertise in advanced process and design technologies as well as an excellent track record in high-volume manufacturing. We offer a full range of foundry capabilities from design engagements to turnkey projects, with a focus on leading-edge process technologies including 14nm FinFET on 300mm wafers and beyond.
Samsung Foundry provides a full range of solutions including advanced process technology, design services, product proven intellectual property (IP). By outsourcing some or all of the design and manufacturing service to Samsung Foundry, you can be confident of maintaining the highest possible product quality while saving time and cost. Customer support is available at every step, from the initial engagement to volume manufacturing. And customer IP is stringently protected.
Take advantage of Samsung's world-class infrastructure
Take advantage of Samsung's world-class infrastructure.
As an industry-leading semiconductor manufacturer, Samsung has been investing billions of dollars on capacity expansion and advanced process technology R&D, providing a world-class infrastructure to help our foundry customers’ market success. Samsung Foundry is dedicated to providing customers with a complete and reliable path to product development and production – leading to shortened development time, reduced risk, and first-pass success.

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