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  • Samsung Magician

    Samsung Magician Maximize
    your SSD's potential

    Take charge and maximize the full
    potential of your SSD with Samsung
    Magician software

Samsung Magician Software


Manage your drive
like magic

Reaching the maximum potential and proficiency of your Samsung SSD is easy. With the advanced Magician software, an exclusive set of essential tools equip you like a pro. Stay ahead with automatic updates, check drive health and speed, and enable speed boosting RAPID Mode, all with one simple download.

Magician software

Samsung Magician software is designed to help you manage your SSD with a simple and intuitive user interface.

  • Firmware Update

    Get notifications when new firmware is released, and easily install updates for enhanced performance, stability, and compatibility.

  • Performance Benchmark

    Check your SSD's sequential and random read/write speeds, so you can always keep your system at its fastest.

  • Drive Health & TBW Check

    Get an instant diagnosis of your drive, including Total Bytes Written to assess the overall health and estimated remaining lifespan of your SSD.

  • RAPID Mode*

    Achieve over 2X faster performance through intelligent DRAM caching of data, for read acceleration and write optimization.

    • *RAPID Mode fully supported with proper system requirements like below.
    • 1) Windows 7 OS and later
    • 2) 2GB RAM System memory or more
    • 3) Samsung SATA Interface SSD supporting only.
  • System Compatibility

    Find out if your SSD has any conflicts with your system resources, and view a summary of your system components and drive specs.

  • Secure Erase

    Ensure potentially sensitive data is properly and fully discarded, without damaging your drive.

  • SSD Authenticity

    Confirm your SSD purchase is authentic, with the superior performance and reliability that only comes from a genuine Samsung SSD.

  • S.M.A.R.T Check - Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology

    Inspect your SSD and access critical data to detect possible drive failure before it happens.

  • Performance Optimization

    Restore the performance of your SSD that is suffering from performance degradation after an extended usage period with TRIM* and Garbage Collection*.

    * With 840/840EVO Series, performance can be optimized and reliability enhanced through data rearrangement function which may be activated under advanced mode.

  • Data Security

    Protect your important data by choosing security options granted to you. Magician provides information on how to activate each option.

  • Over-Provisioning

    Make the SSDs perform better and longer (steady-state performance) and extend lifespan of your SSD by reserving free space.

Download Files

Download now to keep your drive current and the performance up with this essential software toolkit.

Magician Software

Magician Software Open Source Announcement

Magician Software Installation Guide

950 PRO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-VKV256 (256 GB)
    • MZ-VKV512 (512 GB)
  • Form Factor
    • M.2 (2280)
  • Interface
    • PCIe 3.0 x4 (up to 32Gb/s) NVMe 1.1

840 PRO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-7PD128 (128 GB)
    • MZ-7PD256 (256 GB)
    • MZ-7PD512 (512 GB)
  • Form Factor
    • 2.5 inch
  • Interface
    • SATA 6Gb/s

840 EVO

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-7TE120 (120 GB)
    • MZ-7TE250 (250 GB)
    • MZ-7TE500 (500 GB)
    • MZ-7TE750 (750 GB)
    • MZ-7TE1T0 (1 TB)
  • Form Factor
    • 2.5 inch
  • Interface
    • SATA 6Gb/s


  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-MTE120 (120 GB)
    • MZ-MTE250 (250 GB)
    • MZ-MTE500 (500 GB)
    • MZ-MTE1T0 (1 TB)
  • Form Factor
    • mSATA
  • Interface
    • SATA 6Gb/s

840 Series

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-7TD120 (120 GB)
    • MZ-7TD250 (250 GB)
    • MZ-7TD500 (500 GB)
  • Form Factor
    • 2.5 inch
  • Interface
    • SATA 6Gb/s

830 Series

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-7PC064 (64 GB)
    • MZ-7PC128 (128 GB)
    • MZ-7PC256 (256 GB)
    • MZ-7PC512 (512 GB)
  • Form Factor
    • 2.5 inch
  • Interface
    • SATA 6Gb/s

470 Series

  • Model Name (Capacity)
    • MZ-5PA064 (64 GB)
    • MZ-5PA128 (128 GB)
    • MZ-5PA256 (256 GB)
  • Form Factor
    • 2.5 inch
  • Interface
    • SATA 3Gb/s