A perfect match for your business note PC

Streamline your work day with the Samsung RD4NDOC docking station, which features an exclusive design for Samsung Business Note PCs and is ready with all the must-have connections. It has a simple and efficient layout that delivers a fast and easy set-up; by just placing your note PC on top of the docking station, you enhance your Note PC’s functionality and efficiency.

Clear your desk and mind with smarter design

With so many digital devices now available, the Samsung RD4NDOC docking station is the perfect solution to a cluttered desk. With an intelligent design, the docking station streamlines the cable access points so that they remain at the back of the PC and out of sight. With less distraction on the work desk, the RD4NDOC docking station certainly helps improve work efficiency.

Enjoy easy connections to your essential devices

Samsung’s RD4NDOC docking station provides fast and convenient access to 12 different inputs including eSATA, RGB, USB 3.0 (2.0), headphones, microphones and much more. Located at the back of the docking station is a unique design that affords all the must-have connections in an easy to understand lay out. It also ensures that more popular inputs have multiple access points, like the USB 3.0 (2.0), which has five available spots.