Think you've seen colour?
Think again.


Taking a look at the latest technologies currently changing the way we watch television, experienced technology journalist John Archer explains why those TV shows and movies you’ve been watching on your old TVs for the past few decades are suddenly starting to look very drab indeed.

With UHD screens already firmly established in the TV world, thoughts are now turning to other ways of making picture quality better. And right at the heart of this new focus on delivering better pixels rather than just more pixels is colour.

Samsung’s next generation TVs put it right on the cutting edge of this gorgeous new world of breath-taking tones and hues. For as well as delivering a true native UHD resolution (as defined by the Digital Europe UHD group) of 3840x2160 pixels, they also use ground-breaking new Nano Crystal panel technology designed to deliver both far more brightness and a much wider range of colours than any standard UHD TV.

Samsung’s proprietary Nano Crystal display is the result of many years of research and development, and is essentially a completely new way of creating colour in a TV screen. It’s based on crystals 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair that are capable of generating different colours when illuminated by Samsung’s newly designed backlighting system.

The Nano Crystal approach enables Samsung’s premium range of SUHD TVs to deliver a colour range that’s wider, more dynamic yet also more subtle on a pixel for pixel basis than anything you could achieve on a standard UHD TV. In fact, Nano Crystal technology can produce more than one billion colour tones - 64 times as many as you get with a typical UHD TV - and can cover 93% of the colour range used in the DCI-P3 picture standard we’re now used to seeing in digital cinemas.

This means you will get to see pictures containing much more natural, balanced colours with far richer reds and greens than you’re used to seeing from the more limited ‘Rec 709’ standard the TV world’s stuck with since the era of those big old CRT TVs we all used to own.

To unlock the full colour potential of its Nano Crystal innovation, Samsung has also developed new super-bright backlighting for its new generation of TVs that’s capable of delivering pictures more than twice as bright as those you got with previous generations of TVs.

This cutting edge backlight design also plays a key role in helping Nano Crystal TVs reproduce the expanded brightness range of HDR sources, combining with Samsung’s powerful backlight controls and image analysis tools to let you experience such picture quality delights as ultra-pure whites, more radiant sunlight, stars that twinkle more brightly in the night sky, and fireworks that truly explode off the screen - as well as subtler benefits like richer, deeper black colours and more subtle detailing in dark areas.

Better colours

While Samsung has designed its Nano Crystal TVs to be future proof, ready for the arrival of new UHD and HDR streams and broadcasts, as well as the upcoming UHD Blu-ray format, it’s important to stress that they’re also able to make all of today's sources look better too thanks to their unique four-stage UHD upscaling process.

Samsung’s proprietary SUHD Re-mastering Engine uses powerful processing to expand the detail, colour and contrast of non-UHD and HDR content to meet the potential of the Nano Crystal screen. The result is pictures that look much closer to the way they looked when they were originally filmed by a director, and to the way you would have seen them in a commercial cinema, before they had to be ‘scaled down’ to meet the more limited picture capabilities of our old TVs.

Surprisingly considering how much innovation has gone into the creation of its Nano Crystal technology, Samsung has managed to create a range of SUHD Nano Crystal and UHD Nano Crystal TV models, covering a wide variety of screen sizes and price points. So if you’re the sort of person who cares about picture quality and doesn’t want to be left behind by the stunning new era of colour the film and TV studios are sending our way, you owe it to yourself to explore what Samsung’s Nano Crystal TVs have to offer.

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