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Bring your own device,BYOD security

Stay Connected Wherever Business Takes You

Quickly and easily access corporate email, meeting details, contact info and other critical information on the go. Samsung devices provide an intuitive and consistent user interface through enhanced Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) features, sync functions and policy control.

On-Device Encryption (ODE)

Bring your own device,BYOD security

Protect Sensitive Company Data Stored on Your Device

Store proprietary documents, presentations and other corporate data on your mobile device – while keeping that sensitive data protected. State-of-the-art, AES 256-bit ODE helps prevent unauthorized access to all data on the device, including the microSD® storage card.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Bring your own device,BYOD security

Securely Access Corporate Data
On the Go

Wirelessly and securely access data from your corporate network while traveling or working in the field. Samsung Mobile works with a number of leading VPN providers enabling IP-based encryption for secure, persistent access to critical enterprise assets via Wi-Fi® and cellular network connections.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Bring your own device,BYOD security

Seamlessly Integrate With Leading MDM Solutions

Employees remain mobile, secure and compliant with remote management of applications and device features that meet company-specific requirements. Working with leading third-party providers, Samsung offers efficient and scalable mobile deployment solutions with hundreds of IT policies, addressing the most challenging management and security concerns.


Bring your own device,BYOD security

Defense-Grade, Hardware-Anchored Mobile Security

Samsung Knox is a comprehensive mobile solution for work and play, bringing advanced security features to a range of Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Knox devices are secure from the hardware to the application layer, and offer a container technology that provides a separate, secure persona designed to protect sensitive corporate information while keeping employees’ personal lives private. With Knox, work and play can live together on one device.*

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