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Solutions for Healthcare

In Home

At Samsung, we leverage our healthcare technology expertise to help you connect seniors to solutions for enhanced lifestyles and levels of care.

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In Hospital

We're ready to deploy technology in hospitals, so you can enhance the patient experience and improve workflow with tailored healthcare solutions.

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In Health

Learn how we can effectively deliver connected care through smart, easy to use devices and personal health technology.

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HIPAA-Ready Device Security

It’s time to take a closer look at your healthcare organization’s mobile security and consider incorporating a device level control you can trust—Samsung Knox for Healthcare.

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Defense-Grade Mobile Security

Samsung Knox™ is our award-winning1 mobile security platform that's built into our devices2, protecting sensitive data from the chipset to the application layer.

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A Partner Ecosystem for Smarter Signage

Find the right partner to help you build a custom-tailored digital signage solution for your business with the Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSP).

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Samsung SMART Signage Platform

An open player side platform that eliminates the need for external media players and streamlines deployment.

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Samsung Mobile Print App

Print, scan and transfer files wirelessly right from your mobile device, so you can accomplish more on the go.

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Printer/MPS Solutions

Explore customizable document solutions and managed print services for your particular needs.

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Samsung WLAN vs. Cisco System & Aruba Networks

Tolly Group confirms Samsung’s WEA403i 802.11ac access point outperforms in coverage, speed and quality of voice and data service. Download the report.

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Samsung IP Telephony Solutions

Provide employees with everything they need to be more productive and efficient, while also streamlining operations and reducing communications costs.

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Samsung Business Phone Systems

Specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses to increase employees' productivity, collaboration and reduce communications cost.

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Powerful Unified Communications for Business

Increase productivity with full-featured collaboration and productivity tools to help you transform the way you work anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Samsung WLAN Solution

Samsung WLAN Solution delivers security, quality and a seamless voice and data experience. Discover a whole new level of wireless enterprise.

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Samsung MagicInfo

This solution provides a suite of creative tools so you can create standout digital signage and manage complex, interactive multimedia content.

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Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

Improve the patient experience and quality of care with Samsung's state-of-the-art medical imaging devices.

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Products for Healthcare

Explore products designed to improve the quality of care.

Visit our blog to learn why mobile technology in healthcare has rapidly become trusted by many medical professionals to improve care, streamline the workday and help meet regulatory compliance.

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Read how digital signage in hospitals is improving the modern medical complex by bridging communication gaps to improve the patient experience.

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Stunning picture quality and an interactive patient engagement system make Samsung healthcare TVs the choice for hospitals and long-term care.

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Throughout the clinical ecosystem, you can count on Samsung monitors being a key contributor to enhanced clinician performance.

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Resources for Healthcare

Learn how Samsung is developing new healthcare solutions.

Breezie Tablet—Improving Seniors' Quality of Life

See how we've collaborated with Breezie to create a simplified, senior-friendly tablet solution, designed to promote practical and social well-being.

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Remote Health Monitoring at Alignment Healthcare

Learn how Alignment Healthcare is utilizing a remote health monitoring kit featuring Samsung Galaxy tablets and software from Vivify Health.

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Avoid Mobile Productivity Pitfalls in Healthcare

Explore how making the right choice between a tablet, notebook or 2-in-1 like our Galaxy Book 12 can help physicians, nurses and staff improve patient care.

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1Hevesi, P. “Mobile Device Security: A Comparison of Platforms.” Gartner, Inc.
2Full Samsung Knox suite available for additional licensing fee.