Galaxy S9 | S9+
Infinity Design

Get immersed in your work, wherever you go.

See more of your work and multitask easily on the Infinity Display. We've minimized visual distractions and made the screen a deep black to blend in with the bezel. And when you're out in the field, you can read documents or take video with ease because the screen's contrast has been enhanced.

*Infinity Display: a near bezel-less, full-frontal glass, edge-to-edge screen.

Close up of Galaxy S9 and S9+ showing the Infinity Display with dandelion seeds on-screen

Capture detailed photos and videos with ease.

The dual aperture camera with OIS takes clearer photos, even in dark or shaky settings. Capture detail from a distance, like presentation slides in a dimly lit conference room. The hybrid aperture adjusts according to the light of indoor and outdoor surroundings, and a new image sensor processes multiple frames at once, reducing photo noise by as much as 30%2 . Shoot video in Super Slow Motion at 960 FPS to emphasize moments and features, ideal for real estate purposes, demo reels and more.

2 Compared with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung DeX

Bring a desktop-like experience with you.

Be productive when and where you need to with the new Samsung DeX. With Samsung DeX, you can connect your Galaxy S9|S9+ to a monitor for a desktop-like experience powered by your mobile device. Dock your phone to use MS Office Suite, Samsung Internet on a desktop interface while your device charges.

*Using the original HDMI cable and charger included with Samsung DeX is recommended.
*Samsung DeX, accessories, and monitor sold separately.

Image of person working at a desk with Galaxy S9 or S9+ and Samsung DeX Pad connected to a Samsung monitor

Efficiency made easy.

Streamline your mobile workspace by opening two apps at once with Galaxy S9 and S9+'s multitasking capabilities. Pair two apps you use together frequently and pin them to the home screen for instant access. And if you're in the middle of something and you get a message, simply drag the notification down to reply without switching apps.

*Multitasking and App Pairing are available for select Android apps with Multi Window capability. These apps can be found in the App List on your phone.
Samsung Knox 3.1

Lock down your data at every level.

Whether you travel or at home, you always want your files and data protected. The defense-grade security platform Samsung Knox is built in from the chip up and starts working the instant you turn on your phone. Samsung Knox offers multiple layers of real-time security that keeps your data safer in a secure folder that only you can open. Not only that, it even keeps your work and personal things separate.

*Samsung Knox container must be activated by an EMM solution.
*TIMA is TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture.

Two Galaxy S9 or S9+ phones side by side, one displaying the apps screen and the other displaying the Knox Workspace apps screen
Biometric Authentication

Access your phone with ease.

When you need to unlock, it's simple with Intelligent Scan. It's a fusion of face recognition and iris scanning, allowing you to easily open your phone in different environments. If you're in low light, iris scanning kicks in to bolster face recognition when identifying you. Or if you're outdoors on a bright day, face recognition supplements iris scanning.

*Above image shows iris scan GUI.
*In situations where a more secure unlocking method is necessary, iris scan is recommended.
*Accuracy of Intelligent Scan may differ depending on surrounding conditions.
Water and dust resistance

Work through the unexpected.

Go on using your phone even if work takes you into less-than-ideal environments. It's rated IP68 for water and dust resistance so you can continue emailing or taking photos if you get caught in the rain or a dusty area.

*IP68 Rating. Based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. Rinse residue/dry after wet.

Image of person using Galaxy S9 or S9+ in a rainy situation
Live Translation

Stay informed around the world.

Easily read work documents from your global partners or understand the menu at a working dinner abroad. Open your camera and Live Translation will provide real-time text translation.

*Accuracy depends on various factors such as text size and design.
*Samsung Account login and data network (Wi-Fi or internet connection) required. Translation speed may vary depending on internet connection and word count. This function is limited to selected languages. For the full list of languages please visit

Galaxy S9 or S9+ displaying Live Translation GUI with translated sign on-screen and untranslated sign in the background
Gigabit LTE

Download and stream with seamless speed.

Being out of Wi-Fi range doesn't mean disconnecting. Even when you're using data, you can quickly access files and documents like graphics or 3D renderings and utilize AR/VR apps. That's because Galaxy S9 and S9+ can connect with LTE speeds up to 1.2Gbps.

*Actual speed may vary by country, carrier, network environment, content provider, and other relevant factors.
*Data subscription required. Additional data charges may apply.

*Actual speed may vary by country, carrier, network environment, content provider, and other relevant factors.
*Data subscription required. Additional data charges may apply.

Galaxy S9 or S9+ with Download GUI on-screen

Expandable memory

Convenient storage options.

Store important documents and data on your phone without a second thought. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ offer expandable memory, allowing you to add up to 400GB with a microSD card.

*MicroSD card sold separately.

Close-up image of Galaxy S9 or S9+ with SIM tray ejected and Samsung 256GB microSD card in place



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Galaxy S9 or S9+ seen from the rear with dandelion seeds floating to the side