An illustrative image of the 4T4R Access Unit.
Compact Macro (Access Unit)

Experience First Hand
the Full Power of 5G

Integrating mmWave 5G Technical Innovations

Samsung’s Compact Macro, formerly known as our access unit is one of the simplest radio network configurations in the industry, integrating the baseband, radio and antenna all together in one, small form factor. It is optimized for mmWave 5G and uses in-house modems, radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) and digital analog front end (DAFE) ASICs. The Compact Macro can support all frequencies within the mmWave spectrum and has high performance, low power consumption, compact size and a light weight. As the first product for the North America region, it has received Common Criteria certification against the NDcPP which are a set of internationally recognized IT security standards affirming its network security features and capabilities.

Simple Deployment, Powerful Performance

Fast, easy and efficient network deployment is possible with Samsung’s Compact Macro. With powerful in-house modems in place, The Compact Macro can be served functions from the baseband and transport resources can be reduced to one tenth of what would have been required if the baseband is separated. In turn, backhaul investment during deployment is greatly lowered for operators. The product is compact in size and light weight and can be installed on street lamps or utility poles without any site access. Therefore the general cost of deployment, such as manpower, site acquisition and construction, can all be optimized.

An illustrative image of the 4T4R Access Unit installed on a light pole to show its key benefit, such as small and light design for Easy Installation and Huge transport resource reduction.

Whenever & Wherever, Airtight 5G

Depending on different needs, operators can choose from two types of Compact Macros. The 4T4R Compact Macro can be utilized for general coverage while the 2T2R Compact Macro can be used to boost capacity in highly congested areas or fill coverage holes. The 2T2R Compact Macro can be installed on strands which means that operators do not have the burden of acquiring new sites and they can quickly enhance their networks without hassle.

An illustrative image of a street in a busy city with 4T4R Access Unit installed on the pole and 2T2R Access Unit installed on the wire to cover the entire site.

Performance Boost with
Advanced Antenna Technology

Samsung’s Compact Macro maximizes the potential of the mmWave spectrum. It supports an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to 800MHz, aggregating eight 100MHz carriers together. With mmWave technology leadership, Samsung was able to concentrate a massive number of antenna elements in the small product (1,024 for 4T4R, 512 for 2T2R) and have the Compact Macro support a wide range electric tilt of 120 degrees horizontal and 40 degrees vertical. Thus, the Compact Macro can create precise, sharp beams for even better performance.

An illustrative image of the 4T4R Access Unit achieving wide coverages in both vertical and horizontal ways, using 1,024 Massive Number of Antenna Elements.

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