Samsung's innovative WindFree™ technology

With thousands of micro-holes that spread fresh air gently and evenly throughout any room, the WindFree™ range allows you to live, work and relax comfortably without experiencing unpleasant cold drafts.


WindFree™ Cooling

Samsung's innovative WindFree™ technology is the only system that uses "still air" to create an evenly cool and comfortable environment across a whole occupied zone

In accordance with the definition of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), still air is an air flow moving at a speed of 0.15 m/s or slower, without creating cold drafts.



When operating in WindFree™ mode, the outdoor unit consumes only minimal power using less electricity compared to the Normal cooling mode*. So you can stay comfortably cool without worrying about your electricity bills.

* Based on internal testing of the WindFree™ 4-Way, WindFree™ 1-Way and WindFree™ Wall Mounted air conditioners, comparing the power consumption of Normal mode vs. WindFree™ Cooling mode. Temperature conditions: Outdoor 35 C DB / 24 C WB, Indoor 27 C DB / 19 C WB. Results may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use.** Energy Saving may vary depending on the model, environmental factors and individual use.

Less Noise

The low-speed WindFree™ Cooling features a quiet operation that minimizes ambient noise, so it generates significantly less detectable sound than the Normal cooling mode. Its low noise level is proven by rigid tests on each model in an anechoic room*.

* Sound pressure level is a relative value that may vary depending on the operational conditions, such as the distance and acoustic environment, which may differ by model.

True Comfort

WindFree™ technology creates a much gentler and milder air flow, evenly distributed through tens of thousands of micro holes, so people in the room feel almost no wind - just comfortable cool air.