The future is hybrid

HVM - the hybrid VRF climate solution

The new Samsung HVM (Hydro Variable Multi) is a water-based, hybrid solution you can rely on for ultimate flexibility – from design to installation to operation.

Simple, fast and easy to design

The easy-to-use Samsung HVM online selection tool has been created with convenience in mind. It will help you design the complete system in a modular way, making it simple and speedy.

Online selection tool

The online selection tool provides you with the necessary information such as efficiency data (SCOP, COP, SEER and EER), total water-flow and total system pressure drop, that will enable you to select the appropriate waterpump and piping.

Someone using the online selection tool

Someone using the online selection tool

What to Expect

You can opt for an annual energy consumption assessment; high resolution pdf documents of wiring diagrams and piping diagrams; a tender specification file including complete technical data; and a project report with an easy layout.

*The recommended web browser for using the HVM online selection tool is Google Chrome.

*The recommended web browser for using the HVM online selection tool is Google Chrome.

Easy to install

The Samsung HVM offers the same installation benefits of traditional VRF systems, with the added advantage of being able to connect to any kind of water heat exchanger.

Modular Structure

Up to sixteen Samsung DVM Chiller units can be combined in a modular way to form a single module with a maximum capacity of 1,040 kW. The modularity and compact size of the DVM Chiller units make transportation and installation easy.

Control and Maintenance

Control and maintenance is easy with Samsung’s Data Management Server, DMS 2.5, while the standardised control system can operate and manage the entire system but also can be connected to a third-party Building Management System (BMS)*.

*Compatible with BACNet and LonWorks.

*Compatible with BACNet and LonWorks.

A future-ready climate system

The Samsung HVM is a climate system that is safe and environmentally friendly.

Effective Heating

Flash injection technology enables effective heating down to temperatures of - 20 °C. When connecting multiple Samsung DVM Chiller units within a single system, the workload is adjusted automatically for maximum efficiency.

The System for Tomorrow

As the HVM system is water-based, there is no need for refrigerant inside the building, creating a safe solution. It is also not subject to the same future refrigerant restrictions as traditional VRF systems, making it a future-ready investment.

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