HF690 Hospitality Displays


Drive More Powerful and Convenient Guest Engagement with Samsung’s HF690 Displays

In today’s fast-paced hospitality environments, convenience is key – both for guests seeking immediate access to everything needed for an exceptional stay and for hotel staff seeking more efficient ways to deliver it. Through thorough compatibility and an intuitive design, Samsung’s new HF690 displays make it easier for these facilities to delight guests. Backed by the powerful Tizen OS, the HF690 series offers both compelling content and fast access to essential services through customizable, easy-to-navigate menus. Additionally, the displays’ reinforced security not only ensures guest privacy, but also allows managers to develop, test and launch web applications for even broader functionality.

An image showing a Samsung hospitality TV installed on the wall in a hotel room with a bed and a chair. The TV screen displays the hotel information page.


Backed by the powerful TIZEN operating system, Samsung’s hospitality displays ensure secure, seamless delivery of vital hospitality content. The TIZEN OS arms each display with a rigid, three-layer protective structure that provides added defense across the application, platform and system layers. This reinforced security also enables TIZEN’s integrated H.Browser technology to successfully render 2D and 3D content and achieve faster upload and response times.

An image showing text that reads: “Samsung Hospitality Displays Secured by Knox.” On its right, three icons that read “application,” “platform” and “system” are visible, showing that these are available with new Samsung hospitality TV devices, which is powered by Samsung Knox. Under the text and icons is an image of a hospitality TV device, with a car racing game app running. On the left side of the screen, the latest Samsung hospitality TV device, running Tizen 3.0, displays graphically demanding gameplay. On its right, an older Samsung hospitality TV device is running a less-graphically demanding driving game.


Beyond its advanced graphics capabilities, Samsung’s H.Browser technology empowers fast and accurate application development from any location. All applications are compatible with, and can be developed and stored within, the TIZEN OS, and are backed by an advanced Software Development Kit (SDK). The platform’s Web Simulator and Remote Web Inspector (RWI) tools further refine applications through real-time performance and security testing.

An image that demonstrates how administrators can use the SDK to customize the look of the home screen and the apps available on Samsung hospitality TV devices. SDK-related text is featured, including a section on technical support. Web App SDK supports HTML5 and Standards, TV Extended Web API, Light Weight Web Simulator, and Extensive Tool Suite. Utility Tools & Support feature Live Debugging, Real TV Connection, Debugging&Profiling, and Tizen Community.


The embedded TIZEN platform also enables hotel managers to customize their displays’ home menus to match their unique brand and offerings. Hotel managers can include/exclude unlimited feature icons as well as the information icon in the bottom scroll bar. As a result, managers and guests alike can navigate the interface freely and at improved efficiency.

An image showing a variety of icons related to a new Samsung hospitality TV, including a logo, background images, videos, apps and soft text overlay – showing that these can be customized by hotel staff members.


Extensive connectivity transforms Samsung’s hospitality displays into convenient, all-encompassing stations for work or play. The displays’ integrated Ethernet bridge establishes a secure, IP-compliant connection for business activities and accommodates a variety of workplace functions. Once the workday is complete, guests can bring the comforts of home to their room through seamless TV streaming and Bluetooth-powered music.

An image showing a new Samsung hospitality TV with icons that demonstrate the availability of Ethernet connection, guest laptop usage, internet call functions and streaming services. Also visible is an icon that shows that wireless router support is unavailable.


As a unified content management solution, LYNK REACH 4.0 accommodates LAN, Wi-Fi, and coaxial infrastructures to amplify hotel management, monitoring and guest service functions. The LYNK REACH 4.0 platform’s centralized, real-time monitoring streamlines maintenance demands. Hotel managers can select single display or display groups and troubleshoot guest issues before they escalate.

An image showing hotel staff managing individual hospitality TV screens to provide optimized services and information for individual guests, including hotel information, the weather and payment details. Also visible is text that reads: "Room Management & Remote Control," indicating that it supports TV Setting, Check in/out status, Guest Information, Room information and Network Setting functionality.


Hotels additionally can use the LYNK REACH 4.0 platform to deliver customized messages to guests relevant to their specific stay details or interests. As guests arrive, hotel operators can greet them with a personalized welcome message while also promoting on-site amenities and promotions. Once the stay concludes, LYNK REACH 4.0 offers express check-out to save guests the time and hassle of a trip to the lobby.

An image showing how guest information can be checked from the hotel’s front desk. It also shows how service payment detail and other important messages can be sent to guests through hospitality TV devices using the Hotel PMS and LYNK REACH 4.0 solutions.


Hospitality display users additionally can leverage the displays’ integrated LYNK HMS technology to manage room settings and guest-staff communication more conveniently and efficiently. LYNK HMS’ Room Management Solution (RMS) streamlines hotel maintenance while offering more detailed visibility into in-room device performance and energy use. The complementary In-Room Control (IRC) Service allows guests to manage lighting, drapes and on-screen content from a single, user-friendly interface.

An image that shows how a Samsung hospitality TV can be synced to a range of sensors(Lighting, Door Sensor, Thermostat, Drape Control, Monitor Sensor, and Dnd/Mur Signage) in a hotel room via the Standard Wireless Protocol. It shows how the TV can be used in conjunction with a smartphone, a notebook or a hotel server.


Samsung’s LYNK HMS technology empowers hotel operators to deliver a pleasant and memorable guest experience in a more efficient, cost-friendly manner. The platform’s Energy Management Solution (EMS) adjusts in-room heat and air settings based on guest occupancy and avoids wasting energy on empty rooms. LYNK HMS’s Content Management Solution (CMS) streamlines content creation and delivery throughout the hotel, driving more impactful and hassle-free delivery of important messages.

An image showing how a sensor works when guests enter or leave a room, showing how TV sets, lights and climate control in hotel rooms can turn on or off when guests come and go.
  • Display
    • Backlight LED
    • Screen Size 49"
    • Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Video
    • Picture Engine HyperReal
    • Dynamic Contrast Ratio Mega Contrast
    • Wide Color Enhancer (Plus) Yes
    • Film Mode Yes
  • Sound
    • Dolby Digital Plus Yes
    • Sound Output (RMS, W) 20W(L:10W, R:10W)
    • Speaker Type 2CH(Down Firing w/Bass Reflex)
  • Smart TV
    • Samsung SMART TV Smart
  • Convergence
    • Mobile to TV - Mirroring, DLNA Yes
  • General Feature
    • Accessibility Voice guide(AU English)/ Enlarge/ High contrast/ Multi-output Audio
    • Digital Clean View Yes
    • Auto Channel Search Yes
    • Auto Power Off Yes
    • Caption (Subtitle) Yes
    • Connect Share™ (HDD) Yes
    • ConnectShare™ (USB 2.0) Yes
    • EPG Yes
    • Game Mode Yes
    • OSD Language Local Languages
    • BT HID Built-in Yes
    • USB HID Support Yes
    • Teletext (TTX) Yes
  • Hospitality Feature
    • H.Browser Compatibility Yes
    • REACH 4.0
    • Hospitality Home Menu Yes (Home Menu 2017)
    • Bluetooth Music Player (Mobile → TV) Yes
    • Hospitality Plug&Play (Easy Set-up) Yes
    • Power On Mode Yes
    • Hotel Channel List Yes
    • Mixed Channel List (ATSC, DVB-T/T2/C/S2, Analog) Yes
    • My Channel Yes
    • Energy Saving Mode (BLU Control) Yes
    • Logo Display with Time Out Setting (BMP/Movie) Yes
    • Welcome Message Yes
    • RJ12/IR Pass Through Yes
    • Auto Source Mode Yes
    • External Clock Compatibility Yes
    • Clock Back Up Supply Yes
    • External Clock Dimming Control Yes
    • Multi Code Remote Control Yes
    • Screwed Remote Battery Cover Yes
    • Soundbar Compatibility Yes
    • Music Mode (Input: PC/AV/Component/HDMI) Yes
    • Music Mode Backlight on/off Yes
    • TTX Clock Update (Analogue) Yes
    • USB Cloning Yes
    • Smoovie Compatibility Yes
    • Soft AP Yes
    • On/Off Timer (Schedule) Yes
    • Wake-up Timer (Alarm) Yes
    • Samsung LYNK™ DRM Yes
    • Security Mode Yes
  • Input & Output
    • USB (Side/Rear) 2/0
    • Composite In (AV) (Side/Rear) 0/1 (Common Use for Component Y)
    • RF In (Terrestrial / Cable input) (Side/Rear) 1/0
    • Variable Audio Out (Side/Rear) 1/0
    • Variable Audio Out Volume Control (Side/Rear) 1/0
    • RJ12 (Side/Rear) 0/1
    • RJP (Remote Jackpack) (Side/Rear) 1/0
    • Headphone ID (Side/Rear) 0/1
  • System
    • Analog Tuner Yes
  • Design
    • Front Color Dark Titan
    • Stand Type Square
    • Swivel (Left/Right) Yes
  • Dimension
    • Set Dimension with Stand (WxHxD, mm) ‎1105.8 x 698.0 x 226.5‎
    • Set Dimension without Stand (WxHxD, mm) ‎1105.8 x 645.0 x 54.6‎
    • Package Dimension (WxHxD, mm) ‎1300.0 x 746.0 x 130.0‎
  • Weight
    • Package Weight (kg) ‎19.6‎
    • Set Weight with Stand (kg) ‎16.0‎
    • Set weight without Stand (kg) ‎13.0‎
  • Power
    • Power Supply (V) AC100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Power Consumption (Max, W) 98 W
    • Power Consumption (Stand-by, W) 0.50 W
    • Power Consumption (Typical) 59.0 W
  • Eco
    • Eco Sensor Yes
    • Energy Efficiency Class A+
  • Accessory
    • Remote Controller Model TM1240A
    • Batteries (for Remote Control) Yes
    • Vesa Wall Mount Supported Yes
    • Power Cable Yes
    • Data Cable Yes
    • Quick Install Guide Yes
    • Stand Mount Kit Yes

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