it all began

it all began

What we began in 1969 has evolved and expanded through the decades. In Korean, the word ‘Samsung’ means “three stars” and the name carries the founder Lee Byung-chull’s vision for the company – to shine like stars in the sky, large, strong and eternally shining. The word ‘three’ represents large, plentiful, and strong while ‘star’ means bright, lofty and eternally shining. Since then, we’ve been marching on to a whole universe of possibilities. We’re excited to share the heritage of our brand with you – the story of how it all unfolded. Come explore the milestones of our company and the evolution of our logo over the years.

In a white rectangle in yellow frame, there's old model of Samsung calculator on the year 1969 written in gray color In a white rectangle in yellow frame, there's old model of Samsung calculator on the year 1969 written in gray color

Arriving at a home near you

We gained our first global recognition in the 70’s as we started mass producing home appliances. We quickly became the top black-and-white TV manufacturer and set the stage to become a leader in semiconductor industry. The Three Stars which represents Samsung's vision were used in our previous logos until 1993.

Small step for us, big leap for all

1980s was a dynamic era for the electronics industry and Samsung. We established two research and development centers which became the foundations of our global-leading technologies as of today. And to mark this beginning of new possibilities, we updated our logo to add a sense of incorporated image to the brand identity.

Brand identity for advanced technology

In the 1990s, we introduced the world to many firsts: the world’s first 64M DRAM, digital TV, MP3 phone and more. To leave an impression of excellence on our global customers, we went through a whole new rebranding. After choosing blue as our brand color, we designed a new logo - white lettermark over a blue oval background.

Simply iconic

Entering the digital age, we continued to make competitive products through constant innovation and cutting-edge technologies. But we are aiming higher. In commitment to becoming the leading global brand, we simplified our logo by removing the background oval and changing the lettermark to our signature Samsung Blue.

Keep staying ahead of the curve

'We’re not slowing down. We’re committed to building an even better experience for our customers and bringing more creativity into the world with products such as the Galaxy Z series, Bespoke home appliances, and Lifestyle TVs. We will continue to push our boundaries with more personalized and tailor-made experiences for life to come.

50 years and still counting

As we continue our innovations in products, we solidify our leadership in the tech industry by investing in future technology like 5G/6G, AI, and robotics.
Our global presence is manifested through our CI, the lettermark, to customers around the world.