Employment Health

The Device Solutions Business of Samsung Electronics endeavors to improve the health of employees through operation of facilities such as fitness centers, in-house affiliated clinics, and by having various programs including regular health check-ups, infectious disease prevention/management program, and musculoskeletal disorder prevention program.


On-site clinics offer various medical services ranting from internal medicine, dermatology, dental services to Oriental medicine. In addition, the first-aid team is ready 24/7 for emergency care and transportation of patients to hospitals, if needed. Also, regular medical checkups are offered to timely detect disease symptoms, prevent diseases, and improve health of employees and their spouses:

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Samsung Semiconductor Employment Health, PE Card Issue Procedure

Samsung's Device Solutions Business has an infectious disease prevention system to control such diseases in workplaces through monitoring, quarantine and disinfection. We also monitor outbreaks of any contagious diseases in countries that our employees may visit or transfer through, and prohibit business trips to countries that present an unacceptable risk.

We provide personal emergency cards containing vital information, such as blood type, emergency contacts and safety instructions health instructions for employees on overseas business trips to ensure that they receive help in the event of an emergency.

Employees returning from overseas business trips receive mandatory health check-ups before they go back to the workplace, thus preventing the spread of any infectious disease.

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Samsung Semiconductor Employment Health, Ergonomics Management

As part of the initiative to improve employee health, we also carry out ergonomic risk assessments that help prevent muscle and bone diseases by identifying potential problems in production lines and workplaces.


Multiple number of prevention centers for musculoskeletal disorders are available to our employees within the facilities of our company.

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SHRI, the first research organization of its kind in the industry, was established in April 2010,  to enable continuous improvements to health and safety in the semiconductor workplace. Semiconductor fabrication is a complicated, technical process and improving safety in semiconductor fabrication which is a complicated technical process requires ongoing scientific study. Therefore we relentlessly conduct research in order to improve employee health and safety measures in the semiconductor workplace.


Topics include, but not limited to, toxicology of potentially hazardous materials, study of work environment and occupational epidemiology. SHRI has worked on about 20-strong research projects per year since its launch in 2010.