Leading the industry’s
fastest graphics experiences

Samsung’s GDDR6 delivers the graphics of the future, combining industry-leading performance, power and bandwidth
for the widest range of high-performance computing and graphics applications.

Lightning-fast graphics

Industry's highest speed of up to 768GB/s

With the fastest data rates in the industry, Samsung’s GDDR6 delivers maximum bandwidth and blazing-fast speed of up to 768GB/s,
enabling the next-generation of high-performance computing and graphics applications.

Samsung GDDR6 with the infographic describing its speed up to 768GB/s

Optimized power consumption

A new level of efficiency

Thanks to advanced power optimization, the GDDR6 can process high-bandwidth, high-computing applications at a fraction of the power,
ultimately requiring less voltage for faster speed.

Samsung GDDR6 floating on the laptop with the infographic describing lower power consumption.

The world’s first 16Gb graphics DRAM

More capacity in a smaller system footprint

Samsung’s GDDR6 packs in 16Gb graphics DRAM, consuming up to 60 percent less power compared to the 8Gb solution with the same density configuration.
* for the same density configuration in a particular setting

Images shows 4 16Gb GDDR6 and 8 8Gb for the density configuration comparison.

Powering the future of high-performance computing

Incredible versatility for any high bandwidth application

Samsung’s GDDR6 supports the widest range of applications, from accelerators for high-performance computing, to workstations, consoles and laptops,
offering an exceptional combination of power, bandwidth and density in the industry.

Samsung GDDR6 against an image of laptop and server room.

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