A new chapter in memory solutions

Powers next-generation applications with performance and efficiency. LPDDR5 brings a new height of speed to mobile and automotive devices. User experiences of 5G, AI, advanced camera technology and display options are taken to the next level, and future UX experiences are made today's reality.

Gains maximum speeds

Now 1.5 times faster than the previous generation*, Samsung's LPDDR5 reaches a pin speed of 6,400Mbps**. The cutting-edge speed enables huge transfers to be made at 51.2GB/s. Seamless system communication enhances the user experience in advanced mobile and automotive environments.

  • * Compared to LPDDR4X at 1.1 operating voltage.
  • **Up to 6,400Mbps at 1.05 operating voltage.

Saving power for what matters

Lower power does more. Thanks to new power-saving advancements; DVFS, Deep Sleep Mode, DQ Copy, and WriteX, Samsung's LPDDR5 boasts a power reduction of up to 45%* versus previous generations**. With an operating voltage of between 0.5V and 1.05V, device batteries last all day.

  • * At 1,600Mbps frequency, read power reduced by 36% and write power reduced by 45%.
    At 4,266Mbps frequency, read power reduced by 29% and write power reduced by 40%.
  • ** Compared to LPDDR4X
45% Power Reduction

Leading the way for next-gen application

Memory that enables breakthroughs in tomorrow's innovations. Samsung LPDDR5's high speed and low power enable mobile and automotive devices to keep up with AI technology and autonomous driving, the 5G network, advanced display options, and next-generation camera innovations.