Mobile imaging just got stunning with ISOCELL

ISOCELL enables slimmer mobile devices to offer ultimate camera performance with rich detail, vivid color and accurate focus.

Vivid photos at any time

Tetrapixel and Smart WDR for greater light sensitivity and color reproduction

ISOCELL Bright’s Tetrapixel technology noticeably improves light sensitivity in low-light conditions by merging four neighboring pixels to work as one big pixel.
The Smart WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) feature permits multiple exposures in a single shot, resulting in greater detail for both bright and dark areas.

Illustrative image of Tetrapixel technology. It  improves light sensitivity in low-light conditions by merging four neighboring pixels to work as one big pixel.

Faster, more accurate focus

Faster AF with dual-PD and 3-stack fast readout sensor

With advanced PDAF (Phase Detecting Auto Focus), such as Dual Pixel and Super PD sensor, ISOCELL Fast sensors identify the distance of fast-moving objects even in low light for faster and accurate auto focusing. The 3-stack FRS (Fast Readout Sensor) enables high-speed captures at Full HD video.

Image of smartphone recording fast moving lion with Auto Focus and 3-stack FRS symbols.

Breakthrough for ultra-thin designs

0.8um small yet high-performing pixel for high resolution in slimmer devices

ISOCELL Slim provides high resolution and terrific photo quality in slim camera modules. The industry-leading 0.8um ISOCELL pixel sensor offers the highest quality images ever built on a smaller camera module, delivering exceptional flexibility for slimmer designs.

Illustrative image of ISOCELL Plus optimized pixel architecture with metal grids are formed over the photodiodes to reduce interference between the pixels, which can also lead to some optical loss as metals tend to reflect and/or absorb the incoming light.

Mix and match multi-camera

Dynamic-range sensor solutions for optical zoom and refocus

ISOCELL Dual provides unique versatility for dual cameras, including optical zoom, low-light shooting (LLS) and depth sensing for out-focusing effects. ISOCELL Dual enables DSLR-like photo experiences such as greater light sensitivity, depth effects and sharper brightness in all conditions.

Rear view of smartphone with a triple camera with Out Focus, LLS, and Optical Zoom symbols.

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