Samsung Electronics Comes Out with Super-Fast 16M DDR SGRAMs

on Sep 17, 1998

* Commercial samples are provided to makers of dedicated graphics controllers.
* With a data transmission rate of 286Mbps/pin, the device fully supports 3D graphics.
* The device will be used as dedicated graphics memory for next-generation multimedia products.

The 16M DDR SGRAM supports graphic images at up to 286Mbps/pin, twice the speed of the regular 16M SGRAM. The next-generation graphics memory device can create a fully working environment for computerized 3D graphics.

Importantly, Samsung Electronics' new product complies with standards set by the Joint Electron Engineering Council (JEDEC). As such it can be used in high-performance PCs and serve as a bridge for Samsung to break into the 32M and 64M DDR SGRAM markets. The high speed of the 16M DDR SGRAM allows it to smoothly process 3D graphics in game products, high-end PCs and workstations.

The importance of high-performance graphics memory is increasing fast with the new multimedia computing environment that encompasses digital video disks, faxes, modems, audio data and video data. By launching the 16M DDR SGRAM, Samsung Electronics can maintain a competitive edge in terms of capacity and speed.

The graphics function is not part of a computer's main memory, but is a separate graphics memory. The larger the graphics memory is, the more colors can be reproduced and the higher the definition becomes. At the same time, faster graphics data input and output allows the video stream to be shown smoothly and without interruption.

The world market for 16M DDR SGRAM is initially forming in 1998. It is forecast to be worth US $100 million in 1999 and jump to US $500 million in 2000. After 2000, the DDR SGRAM is expected to completely replace the regular version chip, and demand will soar to at least US $1 billion a year.

Samsung Electronics has managed to be the first in the industry to come out with DDR chips for both main memory and graphics memory applications. This is testimony to its world-leading technology and gives the company a strong market position.

In Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., there are three main business units:
- Multimedia & Home Appliances
- Semiconductors
- Information & Telecommunications.

Samsung Electronics tCo., Ltd., a US $13 billion (1997) flagship company of Korean-based Samsung Group, is a world leader in electronics, with operations in more than 60 countries and 85,000 employees worldwide.

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