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Server Scalability Enhanced with NF1 SSD

on Jun 08, 2018

Check out the Industry's first 16 TB NF1 form factor, the PM983 NVMe™ SSD

PM983 NF1 NVMe™ SSD chip mounted on the server

Smart Flexibility, Enhanced Scalability

The Samsung PM983 NF1 takes solid-state drives (SSDs) to the next level of memory storage capacity and IOPS (input/output operations per second) performance. Measuring only 30.5mm x 110mm x 4.38mm, the NF1 form factor offers three times the capacity of a 2.5 inch while maintaining serviceability in an M.2 size.

Equally important, the PM983 provides hyper-scale data center servers with substantially better performance and scaling options. This makes it an ideal choice for enterprise-level applications such as content delivery networks (CDN), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), shared hosting, NoSQL databases, and cloud data storage.

As a pioneer in NVMe SSDs, Samsung has been delivering the advantages of industry standard NVMe performance longer than anyone else. Samsung also has the advantage of being a vertically integrated supplier of SSDs, providing the highest levels of quality.

NF1 form factor PM983 NVMe™ SSD with its dimension; length 110.0mm, height 30.5mm with Screw holes for metal tray heat sink and Indicator LEDs.

The highest density form factor

By building the NF1 form factor for SSDs in 1U servers, the Samsung PM983 provides maximum system density. The NF1 form factor can support twice the drive capacity of contemporary 2.5 inch 7mm-thick SSDs, and up to four-times the capacity of contemporary M.2 SSDs.

Furthermore, the NF1 form factor allows up to 36 front-accessible SSDs to fit in a single 1U server. Compared to a typical 2U server using 24 2.5 inch SSDs, the NF1 allows three times the number of front-accessible SSDs per rack unit. With a combination of higher drive capacity and higher system-level density, the NF1 enables up to 1.5 times the storage capacity of 2.5 inch 32TB SSDs.

3 Comparison data between NF1 SSD and products. 1. Front - accessible Drives per Rack Unit; NF1 SSD - 36, 2.5 inch SSD - 12. 2. System Density per Rack Unit; NF1 SSD - 576TB, 2.5 inch 15mmT SSD -  384TB, 2.5 inch 7mmT SSD - 96TB, M.2 SSD - 144TB. 3. Drive Capacity; NF1 SSD - 16 TB, 2.5 inch 15mmT SSD - 32TB, 2.5 inch 7mmT SSD - 8TB, M.2 SSD - 4TB

Demonstrated performance & various benefits for data center

Samsung has demonstrated a reference server system that delivers 576TB in a 1U rack, using 36 units of 16TB NF1 SSD. The 1U reference system can process about 10 million random read IOPS, which triples the IOPS performance of a 1U server equipped with 2.5-inch SSDs. Samsung NF1 SSDs provide petabyte capacity in 2U server as well as verified performance, high compatibility, front-accessibility, front loading and enterprise-level power loss protection(PLP).

Hyper scalability

As the industry’s first 16 terabyte (TB) NF1, the PM983 provides up to 576TB system capacity in a 1U server. It also provides four times the capacity of 4TB M.2 SSDs and three times the capacity of 16TB 2.5 inch SSDs in 2U servers.

Outstanding performance

Provides sequential read/write up to 3,100/2,000MB/s and random read/write up to 540K/50K IOPS. The PM983 is 1,000 times faster than an SAS HDD in random read/write and three times better performing than a 2.5 inch SAS SSD in system.

Increased compatibility

The NF1 form factor is able to replace an M.2 or 2.5 inch SSD/HDD without major changes or difficulty.

Exceptional value

Advanced features with hot-swap capabilities and indicator LEDs provide easy front-accessibility. Furthermore, the NF1 form factor supports front loading and enterprise-level power loss protection (PLP) for increasing serviceability at data center

Please click the link below to download the product brief for PM983 NF1 SSD,

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