Embedded security keeps mobiles safe

Samsung eSE (embedded Secure Element) assures tamper-proof connectivity for innovative services with hardware security feature and powerful cryptosystem.

Unclonable key boosts security

- PUF-Generated hardware fingerprint

Samsung eSE implements a hardware-based security feature to provide a greater level of security in smart devices. With PUF (Physically Unclonable Function) generating an unclonable key and a security-enhanced processing unit, Samsung eSE secures sensitive data and protects against digital attack.

Samsung Semiconductor eSE Security Solutions, PUF-Generated Hardware Fingerprint (Physically Unclonable Function)

Certified solution for eTransport

- Meets global transport standards

Samsung eSE offers great convenience for users of smart transportation applications around the globe. All worldwide transportation certifications are compatible with Samsung eSE.

Samsung Semiconductor eSE Security Solutions, All Worldwide Transportation Certifications Compatible

Safe digital ID with cryptosystem

- Biometric ID never leaves device
strong FIDO authentication

By supporting Tornado-E, DES, Triple DES and AES, Samsung eSE delivers powerful security for growing mobile financial services, from banking to retail. FIDO (Fast Identity Online) compatibility enables reliable solutions to authorize digital identity such as fingerprint and facial recognition.

Samsung Semiconductor eSE Security Solutions, Supporting Tornado-E, DES, Triple DES, AES

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