Driving the next generation of automotive innovation

Innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G connectivity are bringing extraordinary transformations to the automotive industry. As our comprehension of what defines a ‘vehicle’ extends beyond just engines and mechanical parts, smart driving features that enhance comfort and enjoyment, including infotainment systems, telematics and advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS), are fast becoming the norm. With a diverse portfolio of advanced automotive components, Samsung’s industry-leading semiconductors offer a reliable foundation for the future of mobility.

An illustrative image of a In-vehicle infotainment system with a wide display.

the in-vehicle

Samsung semiconductors provide the power needed to drive immersive in-vehicle infotainment systems. The Exynos Auto V processor supports up to six displays and multiple operating systems. The LPDDR4X and UFS 2.1 solutions are optimized to achieve lightning-fast performance, even under tough conditions such as sudden temperature changes or when subjected to continuous vibration.

connected driving

Connected and autonomous vehicles are fast becoming a reality. From upgraded safety applications to rich infotainment, 5G’s speed and latency improvements will greatly enhance C-V2X capabilities.
Engineered for use with Telematics Control Units with network access devices, Samsung’s Exynos Auto T promises to bring the power of 5G connectivity to the automotive industry.

An illustrative image of a vehicle in a highway detecting surrounding information.

Safety and
on the road

Samsung’s ADAS solutions are designed to enhance safety and convenience as drivers navigate a wide range of road conditions. Featuring an open and scalable platform, Samsung DRVLINE with Exynos Auto A empowers car manufacturers to swiftly adapt ADAS solutions to meet market needs. The ISOCELL Auto image sensor with ISOCELL pixel technology provides precise identification capabilities in the dark, while its 120 db dynamic range ensures drivers can spot objects in high-contrast environments.

An illustrative image of a vehicle detecting surrounding vehicles and people.

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Main products

An illustrative image of Samsung Exynos Auto.

Automotive Processor

Intelligent in-vehicle

Equipped with an octa-core CPU and a tri-cluster GPU, the latest Exynos Auto V9 can power up to six displays and twelve cameras simultaneously for immersive infotainment and advanced driver assistance. The addition of a Neural Processing Unit enables the processor to perform AI-powered functions, improving comfort and safety for drivers and passengers alike. Designed with versatility in mind, the processor supports multiple operating systems through Hypervisor technology.

An illustrative image of Samsung LPDDR4X against an image of logic board.


More speed,
less power

Samsung LPDDR4X redefines speed and energy efficiency. With a peak data transfer rate of 4,266 Mbps, it also uses approximately 17% less power than its predecessor. AEC-Q100 Grade 1 certified, LPDDR4X is optimized to deliver reliable performance in a wide range of temperatures.

An illustrative image of Automotive Image Sensor against an image of highway.

Automotive Image Sensor

Superb detection

Improving road safety is a key priority for Samsung. Whether it’s day or night, the ISOCELL Auto image sensor helps drivers navigate with confidence. Advanced pixel technology is built into the sensor for high-resolution sensing in the dark, while its wide dynamic range capability improves detection in extra bright conditions.


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