Samsung School v2.x


Samsung School v2.x

Mobile security made for the places people really work.

Samsung School v2.x
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How It Works

Why We Developed It

  • Large class sizes

    Teachers are dealing with large numbers in many classes, yet are still required to provide individualized learning programs for each student.

  • Outdated Infrastructure

    Teachers have moved away from lecturing and now strive to create a learning environment built around continuous interaction with students. Outdated infrastructure and facilities may make it difficult to accommodate new teaching styles.

  • Low parent interaction

    Students are more successful if they get support outside the classroom, but teachers do not have a way to systematically provide parents with regular, detailed updates on student performance and participation.

Key Benefits

  • Interactive Learning

    Interactive Learning
    Teachers can
    • Monitor Monitor students, answer private questions, and share screens for individual help.
    • Engage Conduct on-the-fly polls to see if students are engaged and demonstrate understanding.
    • Track Create online quizzes to track learning progress.
    • Share Post course materials that can be accessed anywhere so that students can work on assignments and review materials in and out of class.
    Interactive Learning
    Students can
    • Collaborate Work together effectively on group activities or projects with sharing and communication tools.
    • Share Students can view presentations that the teacher shares.
    • Provide feedback Ask teachers private questions and respond to class polls.
  • Connecting Beyond

    Cost-effective management
    Students can
    • Prepare Access course material from home to review before or after class.
    • Review Review daily work to help cement understanding.
    • Interact Engage with classmates in the Student Forum to discuss assignments.
    Connecting beyound the classroom
    Parents can
    • Help Access course materials to help their child be prepared to participate in class.
    • Review See what their child completed during their school day.
    • Develop Access report cards and performance reports to track their child's learning progress and put together a plan for future learning activities.
  • Cost Effective Management

    Cost-effective management
    IT administrator can
    • Lower costs Eliminates the need for on-site servers. Service is operated by experts that take care of IT administration duties.
    • Deploy quickly Provides quick implementation, with no servers to stand up.
    • Scale Provides unlimited scale for adding new schools or users.
    • Be efficient Offers improved operational efficiency with centralized administration for all schools and users.


With enhanced and brand new features, Samsung School v2.x makes extending learning in the classroom and beyond more possible than ever.

  • Lesson Planner

    Lesson Planner helps teachers better prepare for class by enabling them to quickly plan, organise, and access their course materials.

  • Student Screen Monitoring

    Teacher can keep track of student progress during lessons and provide individual help more quickly. Also the ability to monitor each student's network connection has been added to the solution.

  • Forum & Assignment

    Students can join a forum discussion anytime, anywhere about topics created by teachers or other students. They can also submit their assignments online using the cloud server library.

  • Students Report

    Both students and parents can review the results of rewards, quizzes, assignments and performance using the "report card" feature. They can then set learning goals together to help the student achieve better grades.

What Comes in the Solution Package

The Samsung School Solution Package includes app for mobile and PC,
school and admin websites, Samsung tablet devices,
and Samsung Cloud Service. For more details about the solution package or information on system requirements, please click on the buttons below.

Software, Device, Cloud Service
  • "I can work on assignments with my friends anywhere."

  • "It's easy to see which students need help and then provide individual feedback. Children can present their ideas in new and compelling ways."

  • "I can make sure my son's progress is on track — and if it's not, raise concerns with his teacher."

  • "I don't spend any time maintaining server in school since it's all operated in the cloud."

    IT administrator

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Samsung School v2.x


Solution Package
Set Feature Description v1.6 v2.x
Full Lite
Screen Sharing Screen sharing with annotation New/Upgrade Icon check check -
Content sync with annotation check check -
Monitoring Student screen monitoring New/Upgrade Icon check check check
Students' network connection monitoring New/Upgrade Icon - check check
1:1 Lesson Private teaching check check -
Reward stamp New/Upgrade Icon check check check
Raise hands New/Upgrade Icon - check check
Student Device Control Screen lock : Lock with Message screen check check check
App & URL permission New/Upgrade Icon check check check
Mute sound New/Upgrade Icon - check check
Device power-off check check check
Samsung School log-off New/Upgrade Icon - check check
Content Sharing App & URL launch check check check
Timer launch New/Upgrade Icon check check check
File transfer check check -
Capture and send New/Upgrade Icon - check check
Quiz & Poll Quiz/Poll author New/Upgrade Icon check check check
Quiz & Poll New/Upgrade Icon check check check
Quick poll check check check
Group Collaboration Integrated group activity New/Upgrade Icon check check -
Viewer Documents (PPT, PPTX, PDF)
Images (jpg/jpeg, png, gif, bmp)
check check -
Auto-rotation / hyperlinks check check -
Lesson Toolbar Quick access toolbar to run each menu
(Screen Sharing, Monitoring, etc.)
check check check
Note Tools Pointer / Pen mode check check check
S-Note with whiteboard templates check - -
Others Auto NW checking after installation New/Upgrade Icon - check check
Course Management Course Info (course name, teacher, students) check check check
Course overview New/Upgrade Icon check check check
Course materials check check check
Student report New/Upgrade Icon check check check
Lesson Management Lesson planner New/Upgrade Icon - check check
Course materials check check check
Assignment New/Upgrade Icon check check check
Forum check check check
Assessment New/Upgrade Icon check check check
Content Management Content library (private / public) New/Upgrade Icon check check check
Quiz bank check check check
Communication School notice check check check
User Management User list (create, delete, modify) check check check
Category management check check check
User permission setting New/Upgrade Icon check check check
Operation and Maintenance School Management New/Upgrade Icon - check check
Dashboard New/Upgrade Icon - check check
Data management New/Upgrade Icon - check check
System management New/Upgrade Icon - check check

New/Upgrade Icon Newly added or upgraded from Samsung School v2.x

Samsung School v2.x


Minimum Requirements for Web Browser Tablet and PC clients and wireless N/W

System Requirements
Item Specification
Web browser Browser: Chrome 35 or higher, IE11 or higher, Firefox7 or higher
Recommended resolution: 1024 * 768
Mobile Client
(Mobile app)
Tab A 9.7” & 8.0” (Lollipop), Tab E 9.6” for non-US (KitKat), Tab E 9.6” for US (Lollipop),
Tab4 10.1” (Lollipop), Tab4 10.1” Edu. (Lollipop), Note 10.1” (KitKat), Note 10.1” 2014 (Lollipop)
PC Client
(Windows S/W)
CPU: Intel Pentium Processor 1.8GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or higher recommended)
RAM: 1 GB or higher
HDD: 500 MB of free space or higher
O/S: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Prerequisites: Microsoft.NET Framework v4.0 Client Profile / Microsoft DirectX v9.0 or higher
Internet Bandwidth Recommend: 100Mbps or Higher
Server installation
(Private cloud only)
PC: At least 3 PCs, 1 with min spec - CPU: Core4 3.4GHz, Memory: 16GB, HDD : 1TB
Database: MySQL license
Security: SSL certificate
Service domain (service domain for school website in private cloud model,
e.g. https://School Name.SI’s service domain/)

Wireless network

Samsung School solution performance is highly affected by network environment, and it is mandatory to consult with Technical Support to get professional support for network setup.

Recommended AP

Recommended AP
No. Manufacturer Model Name
1 Cisco Aironet 3600 series / Aironet 3700 series
2 HP MSM460 / MSM560
3 Aruba 130 Series / 220 Series
4 H3C WA3600i / WA4600

AP Selection Guide for non-recommended AP model

※ Performance test is a key criteria for determining AP

AP Selection Guide for non-recommended Ap model
No. Item Model Name
AP spec Standard IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
# of Radio Dual Concurrent Radio ( 2.4GHz / 5GHz )
Radio characteristics 3 X 3 MIMO, 3 Streams
Data rate 450Mbps
Multiple SSID Max 16
Security settings WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA2-PSK Mixed, WPA2-Enterprise 802.1x, TKIP, AES
Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps 1Port
Power of ethernet 802.3af supported
Performance File transmit 10M (50ea) Recommend Time: 5 mins
File transmit 20M (50ea) Recommend Time: 10 mins
Function (50 ea) Join lesson, Whiteboard, Share screen
AP Selection Guide for non-recommended AP model
Item Specification
Network Ports (Firewalls) Web Browser HTTP, PUSH : 80 / HTTPS : 443
PC / Tablet TCP : 61001-62000 (FTP data), 49153-65533 (Interaction data)
MultiCast & BroadCast : 63000 (IGMP must be enabled in AP)
H.264 Screen Share : 42004, 42005
Windows Firewall must be opened in PC.
File Formats
(Contents Viewer)
Web Browser Document Types : none (external applications needed)
Image Types : none (external applications needed)
PC Document Types : none (external applications needed)
Image Types : none (external applications needed)
Tablet Document Types : ppt, pptx, pdf
Image Types : jpg/jpeg, png, gif, bmp
Large Display • Samsung tablet device features wireless screen sharing for large displays using All Share Cast dongle
(only for devices to support All Share Cast)
• Samsung School PC client enables interactive E-board input (HID USB interface supported) Samsung tablet device features wireless screen sharing for large displays using All Share Cast dongle and Samsung School PC client enables interactive E-board input supported by HID USB interface.

Samsung School v2.x

Solution Package

Solution Package
Item Type Name Language Access Route
Samsung School application for tablet APK SamsungSchool_v2.x.x.x.apk 79 Languages
2) SLM
Samsung School PC Installer EXE SamsungSchool_PC_lnstaller_v2.x.x.x.exe 48 Languages
Samsung School Web site
- School Website : For teacher & student
URL For public cloud
- http://School

For private cloude
- http://School Name.SI's service domain/
Samsung School Web site
- Admin website : For district & SI admin
URL For public cloud

For private cloud
- http://admin.SI's service domain/
Samsung Installation Package
(Private cloud only)
ZIP English 2) SLM
Samsung School User Manual PDF SamsungSchool_v2.x_UM_xxx_Rev.1.x_xxxxxx.pdf 1) Based
on Region
Release Note TXT ReleaseNote_v2.x.x.txt English

1) EU, US, MEA, Korea regions
2) > SLM > Mobile Solution Download