An Affordably Cool Summer with Samsung

Sep 17. 2015

Samsung re-launches its most popular air conditioner ranges in time for summer

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 17 September, 2015 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., is re-launching its range of Boracay and Maldives air conditioners as summer fast approaches. Their premium capabilities, including special features such as the latest in energy-saving and clean air technology, and affordability, have made them Samsung’s best-sellers.

“The Boracay and Maldives air conditioners each offer consumers something different and their cost efficiency makes air conditioning accessible to all,” says Michael McKechnie, Head of Digital Appliances at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “The units are both split types that blend seamlessly with any environment, creating a sophisticated and stylish addition to any home.”

Their multiple features are designed to keep any area cool and comfortable while saving on energy, keeping people healthy and reducing noise. The Samsung ‘Smart Saver’ mode automatically maintains the temperature using the compressor to chill the room in the shortest period of time, thereby saving on electricity. The systems also have the Full High Density Filter that purifies the air by removing microscopic dust particles and pollution, using the latest innovation in air filtering technology.

In the event of load-shedding, each of the units is equipped with Samsung’s Triple Protector Technology which kicks in during a power surge to protect the engine, controller and fin. The units are also protected against overly hot weather, or unstable electricity supply, by their advanced digital controllers and features. These prevent specific parts of the air conditioners from being overloaded.

Samsung’s unique technology reduces electricity consumption by up to 36% compared with standard cooling modes. The Maldives Series has an extra feature known as the ‘Samsung Smart Inverter’ which reduces energy consumption to lower running costs. While the system is on, the inverter maintains the temperature without having to regularly turn the compressor on and off. This groundbreaking Samsung technology saves up to 60% on energy consumption.

The sleep mode function maintains an optimal room temperature throughout the night, and the 1-way blade of Samsung air conditioners minimises noise levels for a peaceful night’s sleep.

“The Boracay and Maldives models feature the latest in Samsung technology and are affordable, making them the perfect choice for the home. Their updated features and capabilities ensure that consumers can invest in a digital cooling solution that will keep them comfortable, for years. We believe these products are the most innovative in the industry and offer the perfect combination of design, economy and functionality, in line with our vision.”

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