Mobile device Q&A with Samsung

Jul 15. 2016

Samsung responds to some frequently asked questions regarding its mobile devices:

How long does a warranty last and what should it cover?
All Samsung mobile phones come with a two-year warranty which covers functional defects. The phones can be sent in for repairs free of charge to any Samsung Service Centre* within the warranty period.

The warranty does not cover any defects or flaws resulting from physical damage (for example, dropping the phone) except for products covered with ADH (Accidental Damage from Handling). ADH is a unique service for premium Samsung customers which protects the supported Samsung Galaxy devices from accidental damage during normal use – a world first from a device manufacturer point of view.

In order to qualify for ADH, a customer needs to purchase a supported Samsung Galaxy device and keep the proof of purchase, as per the standard factory warranty requirements**. Consumers should note that making use of fake or non-authorised products, such as chargers and other accessories, could potentially damage the handset. This damage will not be covered by the warranty.
How can I avoid draining my phone's battery unnecessarily?

A battery is designed to last more than a typical working day. Samsung recommends switching off any unused applications (apps) especially those that drain power, for example Bluetooth or GPS, as well as remove unauthorised apps. Samsung has developed the Smart Manager App which is standard with all its latest mobile devices. It shows which applications use the most battery power so consumers can reduce their usage when the battery is running low.

What's the best way to charge my phone?
Always use an original Samsung charger. Overnight charging is ideal and newer devices automatically cut off at 100%. However, consumers still need to ensure that they have a surge protector in place in order to avoid damage that could result from a power failure.
A full charging cycle is recommended. Consumers should avoid plugging and unplugging the device constantly as it may affect the charging port. The battery can be further protected by avoiding car chargers and laptop or PC chargers as they have insufficient electrical current to fully charge the handset.

What are the options if my mobile device needs to be repaired?
Samsung's Quick Repair Service (QRS) provides rapid turnaround times and the service is available at selected Samsung Brand Stores and nationwide service partners. QRS includes maintenance, screen repairs and simple software updates and data transfers.

Another option is to book in a device via Samsung's Online Cyber Service, a fast and simple solution. The service has been designed to enable customers to pre-book the repair of their mobile devices at a service centre and time that is convenient to them. Furthermore, this solution also allows customers to change or cancel a reservation at any time.

Should I repair my phone or buy a new one?
Samsung sources the highest quality components and recommends repairing the product using accredited and qualified technicians. Only accredited service centres have access to Samsung parts to further add a layer of protection for the consumer. Regular software updates assist the device to operate as if it were new.

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