Put your Fridge Freezer into Holiday Mode

Dec 13. 2016

Extend your vacation with Samsung’s Top Mounted Fridge tips

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 13 December, 2016 – Nothing can ruin weeks of holiday relaxation faster than coming home to a fridge full of spoilt food. Each year, some holidaymakers return home to the unfortunate situation of finding that either a power outage or freezer door unknowingly left ajar has ruined their frozen foods.  

“Samsung believes your home appliances should be your ally in making life simpler and better,” says Michael McKechnie, Director: Digital Appliances at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “That is why we are constantly reinventing our home appliances to function perfectly within real-world situations.”

Arriving home from a relaxing getaway shouldn’t be spoiled by a stressful trip to the grocery store. Instead, come home to our new Top Mounted Freezer (TMF)-refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus™ technology, which is built to switch to holiday mode, preserving electricity as well as fresh and frozen food content inside.

Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus™ innovation further allows you to configure your fridge freezer compartments, as needed – use both areas as fridges, activate only the freezer section or use this as a smaller fridge compartment, or turn both off when you don’t need them.

Tips to avoid spoiled food and still have groceries for dinner at the end of the holiday:

·         Clear all perishables from the fridge before you go away. Turn off the fridge if it is not needed, then clean it thoroughly and leave the door ajar with an open container of sodium bicarbonate inside to prevent odours.

·         Freeze microwavable meals and stock up on long life milk and tinned foods to eat when you get home.

·         Transfer the butter and margarine to the freezer compartment to keep it fresh.

·         Invest in power surge plug adapters to protect your fridge and freezer from damage due to power dips and surges during storms and power outages.

·         Switch your Samsung TMF refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus™ to Vacation Mode. It turns off the fridge but leaves the freezer compartment running, to keep frozen foods safe with lower energy consumption. The fridge’s Digital Inverter Technology automatically adjusts the compressor speed in response to cooling demand to use less energy, while a specialised Anti-Bacterial Protector will keep the fridge clean and fresh-smelling while you’re away on holiday.

“The TMF refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus™ is yet another example of ways in which Samsung’s home appliance innovations continually raise the bar on what is possible to improve the daily lives of our customers,” concludes McKechnie.

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