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  • [Support Alert] Update TV Software for your NEW 2015 TV

    Updating software/firmware online if you have access to a wired Internet connection only. 1. Make sure that your TV is connected to your local network and the Internet via the Ethernet port on the rear of your TV- connect the LAN cable to the Ethernet port and to your router. 2. Go to Menu > Support > Soft...

    Mar 21, 2015

  • [Support News] Android OS 5.0: How to upgrade – Using Kies 3

    A: You can use the Kies 3 program to upgrade your Galaxy S5 device to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Kies 3 is available from Once downloaded and installed on your PC, connect your Galaxy S5 device via a USB Data cable. Please note: The Kies 3 program will check the software version of your device ...

    Mar 06, 2015

  • [Support Alert] New TV Firmware for 2014 LED TVs

    Firmware Upgrade by Online 1) Make sure that your TV is connected to your local network and the Internet. The connection can be wired or wireless. 2) Go to Menu > Support > Software Update >Update Now 3) The TV searches online for the latest firmware. It will display “No New Updates” if your TV already has...

    Jan 31, 2015

  • [Support News] Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note III - KitKat 4.4 Update

    Now available KitKat 4.4 update for Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note III. For instructions to update your device, please copy + paste link below:

    Mar 17, 2014

  • [Support Alert] Samsung Device Upgrade

    Trade in one or more qualifying devices when you upgrade to a new Samsung SAFE smartphone or tablet and get up to $300 per device! Copy + Paste link below in your web browser for more information:

    Jan 11, 2014

  • [Mobile Phone] Learn how to setup email on your Galaxy S4.

    To setup email on your Galaxy S4, follow the instructions using Smart Simulator. Copy and Paste the URL below in your web browser. It's quick and easy!!topic/email_&_messanging/email_setup

    Jan 10, 2014

  • [Support News] Android 4.3 Jellybean Update for Galaxy S4

    Operating system update is now available for Galaxy S4 SGH-I337M to Android Jellybean 4.3 To update your device, please follow the steps: 1) Tap "Menu Key" and then tap on "Settings". 2) Tap on "More". 3) Then tap on "About Device". 4) Then tap on "Software Updat...

    Nov 26, 2013

  • [Support Alert] Free upgrade to Windows 8.1

    Microsoft is currently providing a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 for Windows 8 users through their website. This free upgrade is, therefore, available for Samsung Windows 8 computer users. Follow the steps below to upgrade your system. 1. Update Windows 8 product drivers and software Use "SW Update&q...

    Oct 31, 2013

  • [Support Alert] Setting Up Email - Personal and Corporate on your Samsung Device

    Set up your personal and corporate email quickly and efficiently on your Samsung device. Watch this video to learn how. Video:

    Oct 02, 2013

  • [Support Alert] Samsung Galaxy S4 - Battery Saving Techniques

    Watch this video to learn some helpful tips on how to extend the battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S4 through the power saving mode. Video:

    Sep 23, 2013