R01 R0101 my 07022500 WD106U4SAGD/FQ
  • WD106U4SAGD/FQ 1 Front GrayWD106U4SAGD/FQPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/my_WD106U4SAGD-FQ_001_Front_gray?$L1-Gallery$my_WD106U4SAGD-FQ_001_Front_gray30002000370370#77777730537611
  • WD106U4SAGD/FQ 2 Front Open Angle GrayWD106U4SAGD/FQPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/my_WD106U4SAGD-FQ_002_Front-Open-Angle_gray?$L1-Gallery$my_WD106U4SAGD-FQ_002_Front-Open-Angle_gray30002000370370#77777730537622
  • WD106U4SAGD/FQ 3 Left 40 Angle GrayWD106U4SAGD/FQPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/my_WD106U4SAGD-FQ_003_Left-40-Angle_gray?$L1-Gallery$my_WD106U4SAGD-FQ_003_Left-40-Angle_gray30002000370370#77777730537629
  • WD106U4SAGD/FQ 4 Right 40 Angle GrayWD106U4SAGD/FQPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/my_WD106U4SAGD-FQ_004_Right-40-Angle_gray?$L1-Gallery$my_WD106U4SAGD-FQ_004_Right-40-Angle_gray30002000370370#77777730537637
  • WD106U4SAGD/FQ 5 Right 40 Open GrayWD106U4SAGD/FQPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/my_WD106U4SAGD-FQ_005_Right-40-Open_gray?$L1-Gallery$my_WD106U4SAGD-FQ_005_Right-40-Open_gray30002000370370#77777730537647
WD106U4SAGD/FQ Front Gray

Protect your clothes — and the environment

Built to last — and to help your clothes last — the new, energy-efficient Samsung EcoBubble™ washer dryer delivers a gently effective cleaning performance.

Product Features

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  • Fuzzy Logic Control available
  • 150 minutes Standard Cycle Time, 270mm for W&D
  • Express Wash Time available
  • Seine
  • Jog Dial available
  • Available Body Colour: Inox
  • Available Door Colour: Chrome Hairline
  • Graphic LED Display
  • 1,400 rpm (Max) Spin Speed
  • Door Lock Display available
  • Child Lock available
  • Time Left Display available
  • Progress Indicator available
  • Delay End available
  • Fault Check Display available
  • Rinse + Spin available
  • Pre-Wash available
  • Denim available
  • Outdoor Care available
  • Baby Care available
  • OverVolt Control available
  • Dark Garment available
  • Daily Wash available
  • Super Eco Wash available
  • Eco Drum Clean available
  • Rinse Time + available
  • Temperature available
  • Rinse Hold available
  • Anti-Foam Control available
  • Overheating Control available
  • Safety Self Cleaning Filter available
Fuzzy Logic Control
Standard Cycle Time
Express Wash Time
Jog Dial
Available Body Color
Available Door Color
Display Type
Spin Speed
Door Lock Display
Child lock
Time Left Display
Progress Indicator
Delay End
Fault Check Display
Outdoor Care
Baby Care
OverVolt Control
Dark Garment
Daily Wash
Super Eco Wash
Eco Drum Clean
Rinse Time +
Rinse Hold
Anti-Foam Control
Overheating Control
Self Cleaning Filter